6 Great Places to Enjoy Live Music in Seville

Discovering live music in Seville can be one of the most memorable parts of your trip.

Ever since the first flamenco guitarist strummed a chord, music has been an integral part of Seville’s culture. Today, the Andalusian capital enjoys a privileged status as one of UNESCO’s Cities of Music. From traditional sounds to funky, modern beats and everything in between, music lovers of all tastes will find a place they’ll love here. These six great places are home to some of the best live music in Seville. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Looking for live music in Seville? You've come to the right place. Here are six of our favorite venues where you can catch the best shows in town.

1. Fun Club

As one of the oldest continually operating venues for live music in Seville, Fun Club is a popular fixture on the local late-night scene. Their regularly scheduled indie rock concerts draw students, locals and curious visitors to the locale on hipster Alameda de Hércules. After the bands finish up for the evening, it stays open as a nightclub until well past seven in the morning, making it a great nightlife option as well. Come for the youthful atmosphere and great music, stay for the reasonably priced drinks and excellent service.

AddressCalle Alameda de Hércules, 86

A classic venue for live music in Seville, Fun Club has hosted great indie rock shows for more than 30 years.
Fun Club has been a reference for indie rock shows in Seville since the ’80s. Photo credit: Marta

2. Jazz Naima

If you’re looking for something more on the mellow side, Jazz Naima is calling your name. This cozy venue doesn’t hold many people, but makes up in character what it lacks in size. They stage jazz and blues shows most nights of the week, making it a great option for live music in Seville if you’re going out on a weeknight. The intimate, chilled-out atmosphere is a great place to sip on a beer from their well-curated collection as you enjoy the smooth sounds.

AddressCalle Conde de Barajas, 2

Naima Café Jazz is a mellow, intimate venue for enjoying live music in Seville.
Excellent jazz takes center stage at Naima. Photo credit: Maria Eklind

3. La Bicicleteria

A scruffy, no-frills den that appears from the outside to be an abandoned building rather than a music venue, La Bicicleteria stands out in a city of polished poshness. This legendary bohemian hangout hosts everything from theater performances to Spanish classes, but is best known as one of the most iconic places for live music in Seville. The tiny space fills to capacity every Tuesday night as some of the best local artists take the stage. It’s personal, intimate and the type of venue you may only come across once in a lifetime.

Address: Calle Feria, 36

4. La Casa de Max

Culture comes alive from all corners of La Casa de Max. More than just a great venue for live music in Seville, it’s a space dedicated to creation of all types. They host movie screenings, yoga classes and so much more in addition to live music. The musical performances themselves showcase everyone from local up-and-comers to international artists traveling the world. They also host jam sessions every Thursday evening, which is a fun and relaxed way to discover your new favorite artists.

Address: Calle Álvaro de Bazán, 6

La Casa de Max is one of our favorite hangouts for live music in Seville. We love the Thursday night jam sessions!
Head to La Casa de Max for some of the best jam sessions in the city. Photo credit: Delegación de Cultura

5. Café Tarifa

With funky decor and atmospheric lighting, Café Tarifa is truly something else. The unique ambiance here makes for a great place to enjoy a show, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by the wide range of musical acts showcased here. They serve a respectable variety of local and international craft beers as well as excellent cocktails at reasonable prices. Unlike many other places for live music in Seville, they even have a small dance floor so you can move to the beat of the music rather than standing in a packed crowd.

AddressAvenida de Miraflores, 23

6. Trompeta Verde

Trompeta Verde almost feels like more of an underground Berlin bar than a place to hear live music in Seville. The funky vibe here is unlike any other bar or club in the city, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Their commitment to and passion for great music makes them stand out and puts them a step above the rest. More than simply a concert space, it’s a meeting point for music lovers from all over Seville and beyond who come to support the talents of local artists.

AddressCastellar 48, primera planta

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