The Best Seafood in Lisbon: The 8 Dishes You HAVE To Try

Garlic shrimp, a Lisbon seafood dish.

Portugal’s capital is one of the best cities on earth for fish and other delicacies from the sea. Don’t leave Lisbon without sampling some of the specialties. Portugal has a long coastline and a long history being seafarers. It’s no surprise that the Portuguese know all the best ways to cook fish and seafood. The […]

Cheers! Our Guide to Craft Beer in Lisbon

Fancy a craft beer in Lisbon? Quimera has 12 beers on tap to choose from!

Craft beer in Lisbon was once a rare sight, but the city is finally catching up with the rest of the world. The two ubiquitous lagers, Sagres and Superbock, no longer have the monopoly on beer. Craft beer in Lisbon is on the rise, and today there are at least nine microbreweries. Most of them are […]

Top 10 Best Bars in Lisbon to Grab a Drink

Pavilhão Chinês is one of the oldest bars in Lisbon, the bar's interior pictured here feels like a part of a museum.

Discover some of the best bars Lisbon has to offer. From old liqueur joints to fancy cocktail bars, just take your pick. You’ll find beer and wine in pretty much every Lisbon bar at affordable prices. But sometimes you want something different, maybe a cocktail or a glass of ginjinha, the delicious local liqueur. Whatever […]

Top 4 Must-Visit Food Markets in Lisbon

Time Out Market/Mercado da Ribeira is one of the must-visit Lisbon food markets

Visiting a Lisbon food market is one of the most authentic ways to get under the city’s cultural skin. A Lisbon food market is the perfect place to gauge locals’ grocery shopping habits and preferred chitchat topics. Prepare to leave any of these four markets in Lisbon with suggestions for your next meal, updates on […]

Top 6 Hidden Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat

Taberna Anti-Dantas is among the Lisbon restaurants where locals eat Portuguese food with a twist.

Coming to Portugal soon and want to eat like a local? Follow our tips and discover the Lisbon restaurants where locals eat. You could jump into any restaurant, but we’re going off the beaten path to experience the authentic local cuisine. From grilled fish to barbecued chicken, we’ll show you where and what to eat […]

The 4 Best Places To Try Custard Tarts in Lisbon

Pastéis de nata, Portuguese custard tarts, in Lisbon.

Calling all adventurous foodies with a sweet tooth: if you haven’t tried the local custard tarts in Lisbon, book a trip right away. It won’t take long after arriving in Lisbon to notice Portugal’s affinity for sugar. Cafés showcase long, glass counters filled with everything sweet from cookies and cakes to a variety of tarts. And […]

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