Introducing Our New Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip

Known worldwide for its iconic sherry wine, Jerez is a beautiful, untouched Andalusian gem waiting to be discovered – so why not discover it with us?

Jerez, located in the province of Cadiz, is just one of the most iconic wine regions in Spain – and its oldest! A great day trip from Seville, we’ve always loved taking a trip to the region. Sitting in a square, sipping delicious wine and enjoying the wonderful food of the city is a dream come true. While you may know of Jerez’s sherry wine, we love the depth of the wine culture you can find there beyond just sherry. We’ve tasted some of the most delicious red and rose wines and also been surprised by some amazing whites too.

After months of detailed planning, we’re finally ready to take you on a Jerez adventure with us! Across two unique wineries, we dive into the unique world of wines from this region. With plenty of food, fun and fascinating insights along the way, you don’t want to miss out. Read on for more details on our new Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip and join us soon!

First – To the countryside!

Our day kicks off  outside the iconic Hotel Alfonso XIII, where your expert guide will be waiting for you. After a quick intro to what’s ahead of you, you’ll hop onto your private transport – and we’re off!

What’s unique about our Jerez Winery and Bodega Day Trip, is that you don’t visit just one winery – you see two!! That’s right, across two breathtaking wineries, you’ll get the full spectrum of Jerez wine experience. Beginning on the outskirts of Jerez, we will taste some delicious reds and unique rose wines. Our first winery is a family-run bodega that takes centuries of winemaking tradition not usually found in Jerez and adapts it to its southern Spain surroundings. What’s more, the views from the winery are incredible, sometimes reaching right down to the Cadiz coastline.

We stroll through the grounds of the winery, learning about the philosophy of the family who started this bodega. You even get to see where the magic happens heading straight into the bodega itself and learning about the winemaking process. Then, of course, it’s time to taste some vino! You’ll sip on two amazing red wines along with a delicious rose, pairing each taste with carefully selected nibbles. This unique winery gives an insight into winemaking in Jerez many people miss out on.

Our Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip combines two different wineries, one of which has amazing views to enjoy - as well as wine!
Some of the stunning scenery that awaits you at our first bodega of the day!

A Jerez Cultural Walk

From the Jerez outskirts, the next stop on the Jerez Winery and Bodega Day Trip is the iconic central food market. As one of the oldest markets in the province of Cadiz, this mercado gives a fascinating insight into local food culture. Your expert guide will take you through the typical, fresh products found in the area, from jamón to delicious fish. Armed with this expert knowledge of the area’s gastronomic culture, it’s time for more wine!

Of course, no trip to Jerez is complete without some sherry! Fortified wine in Jerez has existed for thousands of years, and our next stop is our sherry bodega. We step inside the picturesque patios of one of the most iconic, family-run sherry wineries in Jerez. Here, our expert in-house guide demystifies the unique vino de Jerez. You’ll learn what makes each sherry wine different, how they are made and the ageing process. You’ll also get the chance to taste five different styles of sherry. From curious sherry beginners to complete connoisseurs, this experience on our Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip is not to be missed.

Our sherry winery stop includes delicious sherries but also fascinating insights into the winemaking process itself!
The sherry wineries are an integral part of Jerez as an area, and a fascinating place to learn about this unique wine

Time to eat!

You didn’t think we were going to let you go hungry, did you? Jerez is full of amazing bars and tabancos where you can feast on the region’s typical cuisine. For us, the standout, family run establishment of the city is Bar Juanito. Following our sherry tasting, we sit down to a full lunch (dessert included!). Currently owned by original owner Juanito’s son Faustino, this typical restaurant is jam-packed with locals all year round. Now every bar has its specialty, but Bar Juanito arguably has two! Must-try dishes include the artichokes, what it’s most well-known for, and its amazing berza Jerezana stew. We sit down to these star dishes, along with some other delicious bites, for lunch. We even pair them with the wine of your choice, or a beer or soft drink if you’d prefer. With a beautiful location hidden off the main squares of Jerez, Bar Juanito is a gem you’ll surely fall in love with.

Our Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip includes an iconic Jerez dish - its berza Jerezana stew
The delicious berza Jerezana – typical Jerez bean stew – that you will enjoy with us at lunch!

Then, with full bellies and full minds, it’s time to make our way back to Seville. Our private transport will take you back to a central meeting point  and direct you wherever you need to go. You’ll also get plenty of recommendations for the remainder of your time in Seville. Additionally, you’ll get all the info on the unique wines you tasted so you can impress your friends back home!

Our Jerez Winery and Sherry Day Trip is a great way to get a unique insight into this amazing region. With plenty of delicious food and wine, beautiful scenery and a lively, expert companion the whole way – what are you waiting for? Get booking now and join the fun!

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