How to Drink Wine in Barcelona Like a Local

This blog post was originally posted on September 30, 2016 and was updated on August 2, 2017.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Spanish culture is the relationship locals have with wine. If you really want to know how to drink wine in Barcelona like a local… read on!

When it comes to wine in Spain, snobbery is nowhere in sight. Great wine is accessible to everyone. Barcelona of course is no exception.  That’s why it’s so easy to enjoy all of the wonderful wines on offer. But how do the locals drink it? Get in the know and find out how to drink wine in Barcelona like a local!

Looking for tips on how to drink wine like a local in Barcelona? Get them all here!

Go Regional

Spain is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world. There is over 70 different recognized wine regions across the country. In Catalonia, the state of which Barcelona is capital, we have 11 alone! This means that wherever you are in Spain, many locals drink the wine from that region. In Barcelona, don’t be surprised to see wine lists filled with Catalan wines such as Montsant, Priorat or Penedès.

Top Tip: Want to really discover the wines of Catalonia? Take our Barcelona Organic Winery Tour & Farm-to-Table Lunch to delve deep into the world of Catalan and Spanish wines!

What better way to drink wine like a local in Barcelona then heading out of the city for the day!? A beautiful stop for an aperitif on our winery farm-to-table day trip!
A beautiful stop for an aperitif on our winery farm-to-table day trip!

This unique daytime escape will be one of the highlights of your trip to Barcelona.

Become a Cava Connoisseur

Cava is the sparkling wine of Spain, and as so much of it is made near Barcelona, it’s no wonder why locals drink it constantly. And what’s fascinating about cava is that it’s not just used for celebrations. Cava has absolutely no pretension attached to it, and it’s not uncommon to see people sipping on it in unsuspecting places like the neighborhood market. Not just in the afternoon or evening either as it’s sometimes taken with a late breakfast! (Oh how we love cava!)

Tip: Even though you can find cava practically anywhere in the city, discover our favorite spots to sip it in Barcelona!

If you want to drink wine like a local in Barcelona, then you absolutely must try cava!
Cava, the sparkling wine of Spain, goes with everything!

Save Some Euros—Straight from the Barrel

As far as traditions go, there’s nothing quite like buying your wine a granel, or straight from the barrel. Bring your own bottle to local wine shops for the ultimate eco-friendly wine experience, and have them fill it up from one of the many barrels. Though this wine is generally just basic table wine, it’s fine for everyday drinking and a steal for usually two to three euros a liter.

Local’s Tip: If you really want to drink wine like a local in Barcelona— what better way than learning all about it… whilst tasting it of course. Check out some of our favorite places to do a wine tasting in town!

Discover how to drink wine like a local in Barcelona!
Fill up at rustic barrels in local wine bars hidden throughout every neighborhood!

Fer el Vermut

In Catalan, the phrase fer el vermut basically translates to having an aperitif. Before lunch or dinner, locals love to go out for a small bite to whet their appetites. And one of the most typical aperitif wines to have is sweet red Spanish vermouth.

Tip: Thought vermouth was a mixer? Think again! Come discover this delicious aromatized wine with us on a food tour!

Learn all about the traditional Catalan aperitif, in how to drink wine like a local in Barcelona!
Delicious sweet red vermouth is one of our favourite things to sip on before a tasty lunch!

Master the Porró

If you’re really wondering how to drink wine in Barcelona like a local, then you cannot miss out on the porró! This drinking vessel is common in rustic restaurants and tapas bars, and involves pouring wine from a spout into one’s mouth. Practice makes perfect they say, right?

Local’s Tip: Take a crash course on using the porró with us on our Tapas, Taverns & History of Barcelona tour!

Drinking from a porrón like an expert on our daytime food tour in Barcelona. This is one of the best ways to drink wine like a local in barcelona.
Let our guides teach you how to drink from the glorious porró!

Support Your Local Bodega!

When exploring Barcelona, look out for traditional bodegas. These can be found in every neighbourhood and are always a great place to pick up some delicious local wines. Not only that you can enjoy a drink with some local cured meats, cheeses and other cold snacks usually within the shop or perched on a small table outside. If only every shopping trip could be as much fun! Whether it’s enjoying a glass of cava, exploring regional wines, learning how to drink from the porró or having an aperitif—the bodega is the place to go if you want to drink wine like a local in Barcelona!

Local’s Tip: Need a bit of brushing up on your Spanish? Check out these useful words and phrases for ordering a drink in Barcelona.

We love our local bodegas! Come discover them, and how to drink wine like a local in Barcelona with us!
Wonderfully soulful bodegas! Pictured here is Cal Pep.

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