Halloween in Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on October 6, 2014, and was updated on October 08, 2017.

It’s officially October and therefore more than acceptable to start thinking about Halloween plans.

Enjoy a spooky Halloween in Barcelona with our top tips!

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If you’re going to be in Barcelona on Halloween there’ll be plenty to do! Although Halloween is not a traditional holiday here in Spain, it’s one that grows more and more in popularity every year. Furthermore, you can enjoy Catalonia’s very own version of the Day of the Dead on November 1st. This is also known as Tots Sants. If you do happen to be in Barcelona at this time of year, here are some ideas for a spooky Halloween in Barcelona.

Spooky Shopping

Why not head to Carrer Xuclà for a concentrated area of party supply stores? This road basically transforms into a Halloween emporium during the autumnal months. They have everything from elaborate masks and fake cobwebs to basic, packaged costumes. Our only advice is to get there early in the month! Expect out-the-door lines the day before Halloween.

If you’re looking for something more elaborate for a Halloween in Barcelona, try Atucom Barcelona. This is a superb costume store that rents and sells various Halloween ensembles.

Where to Party

Halloween is definitely something that gets bigger and bigger in Spain every year, but all the same, it’s relatively new and not all venues get in on the action. However, a few clubs that usually get involved are Opium Mar, Shoko, and Sala Apolo. A very mythical music venue, Monasterio, also does a good, alternative Halloween celebration. For a great party night on Halloween in Barcelona, check out some of these fun spots for music, drinks, and dancing!

Halloween in Barcelona may not be the most typical of fall festivities, but that doesn't mean the city doesn't get spooky! Take a tour of the biggest cemetery of the city in Montjuic!
The Montjuic cemetery is Barcelona’s biggest and also possibly creepiest of them all! Photo Credit: Xavi 

Scare Yourself

For those who love the darker side of Halloween, check out one of Barcelona’s many cemeteries. Furthermore, head to the Poble Nou Cemetery, or Barcelona’s biggest one on the side of Montjuic. On the 1st of November, you can also visit the Montjuic Cemetery Museum for free. They open their doors in honor of All Saints Day.

There is also a nighttime walking tour that could be perfect for the occasion. It is known as the Barcelona Ghost Tour. If you’re looking for mystery or intrigue, this is a perfect option for the night of Halloween in Barcelona.

Where and How to Celebrate Tradition

As stated above, the 1st of November, or All Saints Day, is, in fact, a holiday here in Spain. Traditionally, people attend mass or visit the graves of loved ones on this day.

Perhaps more common nowadays, Catalans also celebrate la castanyada, a meal of roasted chestnuts, panellets, or marzipan and pine nut bread and sweet potatoes. It is also usually accompanied by muscatel or other sweet wines. Furthermore, a typical character of this festival, the castanyera can be seen across the city. She is usually depicted as a peasant woman dressed in an apron and scarf, selling roasted chestnuts on the street. Find these or similar vendors all over the city throughout the autumnal months. For a few euros enjoy a newspaper filled with freshly roasted chestnuts.

Enjoy the best of Halloween in Barcelona!
Enjoy some of the delicious Halloween treats! Photo Credit: Barbara M.

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