Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in NYC

New York is the city where you can please any dietary restrictions in the world. For celiacs and those who just feel like cutting gluten out of their lives, many restaurants and bakeries embrace the gluten-free diet. Here you can find some of the best gluten-free restaurants in NYC, serving unique and delicious foods that make you wonder if gluten is really that necessary. 


bakery with various breads and baked goods
From bakeries to pizza spots, there are the best gluten-free restaurants in NYC. Photo credit: Miti

Friedman’s, Multiple Locations

Friedman’s has nine locations spread across New York. You can find classic dishes for all gluten-free people out there – from brunch pancakes and french toast to those juicy late-night burgers and fried chicken. There is no need to worry about gluten here. Rumour has it that the house mac’n’cheese is something out of this world – and honestly, everything with a lot of cheese deserves special attention. Here you can find the beauty of American food, minus that little annoying gluten feature. 

Senza Gluten, Greenwich Village

Senza Gluten means “without gluten” in Italian – a self-explanatory name for what happens behind their doors. Since everything on the menu is gluten-free, you can order away with no fear of whether you can eat it or not. However, the place serves some of the best and most creative dishes you can find! Spaghetti with clams, bolognese gnocchi, as well as some of the classics of Italian cuisine, are all available for celiacs. 

Insider tip: They only take cash or Amex so keep that in mind before going. 


Senza Gluten, one of the best Italian gluten-free restaurants in NYC has been open since 2014. Photo credit: Lisa Fotios

Lilli and Loo, Upper East Side

Lilli and Loo is a pan-Asian restaurant with a wide variety of gluten-free options. Here, you can enjoy gluten-free Asian classics like Thai spring rolls and Chinese Kung Pao Chicken. You can also go for sushi, which is also popular and delicious. However, being able to eat that greasy American-style Chinese food without worrying about tiny specks of gluten is always a reliable version of heaven on earth. 

Modern Bread and Bagel, Upper West Side

Modern Bread & Bagel has managed to make gluten-free baked goods that don’t crumble down as soon as you touch them. From chocolate cupcakes to Indian naan bread, this place guarantees a pleasant experience for all celiacs who miss the world of gluten-related food. As the name suggests, their bagels are fantastic, and you can enjoy them during their weekend brunch or to-go. 


From savory garlic to Sweet chocolate, New York City produces some of the best bagels in the world.
You’ll never believe Modern Bread & Bagel’s baked goods are all gluten-free. Photo credit: Vicky Ng

Noglu, Upper East Side

Noglu brings French patisserie to the gluten-free world. Opened in 2015, the place already has several locations in Paris and is, little by little, conquering American soil. You can taste French classics like the Croque monsieur, breakfast frittata, and crepes. Quiches, cream puffs, and other sweets are also part of the deal. 

With a menu that changes regularly, always giving preference to seasonal and local ingredients, this is the perfect spot for brunch, an afternoon snack, or a sugar craving at any time of the day. Noglu is close to the Guggenheim Museum, the ideal stop for a pastry before or after entering the art world.

Posh Pop Bakeshop, Greenwich Village

There’s no such thing as too many gluten-free bakeries in the world, especially when they manage to craft perfect renditions of traditional pastries and sweets. That’s what happens in Posh Pop Bakeshop, especially with their s’mores brownies and red velvet cheesecakes. There are so many options behind the showing glass that you will feel overwhelmed with the need to try everything. The cakes look fluffy and moist, and the cookies and brownies are perfectly baked. 


brownies on white baking sheet
With so many gluten-free mouthwatering options how do you choose? Photo credit: Angiola Harry

By the Way Bakery, Multiple Locations

By The Way Bakery manages to create delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher pastries. Find chocolate fudge cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside as well as a mini bundt cake with confetti on top. Everything is made by hand, and the blueberry muffins come with giant blueberries bursting from the top, baked to the optimal sweetness. Here guilt comes from the sugar alone because everything else has already been taken care of. 

Claro, Brooklyn

Traditional Mexican restaurants are usually pretty safe when it comes to gluten. Since most of their wraps are made from corn, not flour, the food is generally gluten-free from the start. Claro is a Mexican restaurant with an entirely gluten-free menu. The homemade corn tortillas have that classic Oaxacan taste, and the pork, cheese, and chile sauce on top only complement the experience. 

Here you can find most of the classics from Mexican cuisine like ceviches, moles, and tlayudas. The dishes are constantly changing, consistently outstanding, and very affordable.


tacos on clear plate with hand pouring sauce
Claro, one of the best Mexican gluten-free restaurants in NYC is founded on chef T.J. Steele’s long-time love for Oaxacan food and culture. Photo credit: Jarett Lopez

TAP NYC, Multiple Locations

TAP is a Brazilian bakeshop serving the best of all tropical wonders. Brazilians use a lot of cassava flour, which is already gluten-free, so all of the delicacies here carry that label. They specialize in tapioca sandwiches and you can choose if you want sweet or savory fillings. We recommend filling it with a mix of banana, mozzarella cheese, and cinnamon (trust us on this one). We also recommend trying the cheese bread, made with cassava flour and parmesan cheese. There’s always açai, the famous superfood to keep you healthy and satiated for the rest of the day!  

The Little Beet Table, Rose Hill

The Little Beet Table is another restaurant that prides itself on the gluten-free label it carries – and with reason. With their focus on seasonal and locally sourced food, they offer healthy, veggie-focused (and of course, gluten-free) brunch, lunch, and dinner. The entrees deserve special attention since they change often and offer plenty of opportunities to discover new gluten-free dishes. Whatever is on the menu is always mesmerizing in flavor and presentation. Try the roasted branzino or the strip steak, and you will understand what we’re talking about. 


grilled vegetables with fresh cut vegetables
Little Beet Table was founded on the belief that food should make people feel their best. Photo credit: Ella Olsson

Inday, Multiple Locations

Inday is where Californian salad bowls meet Indian-inspired flavors and aromas. Top that with a gluten-free label, and you have a pretty eclectic restaurant to add to this list. With multiple locations across the city, Inday manages to escape the kale stereotype that follows most Californian healthy eateries. You can taste coconut chutney and masala chickpeas over quinoa or lentils, topped with proteins like tamarind veneer salmon and short ribs. The bowls are large, and we recommend pairing them with their specialty cold brew that comes with cardamom and coconut cream. 

Kesté, Soho

Kesté has everything a traditional Neopolitan restaurant should have – a small and casual dining room, attentive and loud staff, lots and lots of wine, and obviously, excellent charred pizza. However, one extra thing they carry is a gluten-free menu that manages to mimic the original pizzas to almost perfection. The best part is the toppings. We recommend the truffled prosciutto and mozzarella pie. Pair that with a glass of Italian red wine and have yourself an Italian gluten-free meal. 


pizza on wooden shelve and stone fire over
Kesté offers over 70 types of Neapolitan pizzas, many of which are gluten-free. Photo credit: Nik Owens

Cosme, Flatiron District

Since Mexican food usually already comes in a gluten-free manner, it is no surprise to know that Cosme has made it to the list of best gluten-free restaurants in NYC. Maybe it is because the place is already on the list of the best New York places to eat. Period. 

Focusing on modern Mexican food, with an extra touch of fanciness and class, Cosme serves mouthwatering dishes in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Exploring local and seasonal ingredients, the restaurant’s ever-changing menu plays with the best parts of traditional Mexican dishes. Brunch and dinner menus are crafted to mesmerize every possible customer, and the cocktail list is superb.