Our Favorite Food Market Tours in Barcelona

Few places allow a more authentic glimpse into local culture than neighborhood markets.

They’re where locals do their grocery shopping and occasionally stop for a tapa or glass of wine. The vendors themselves have usually been in the business for generations, running the same stalls their parents or grandparents founded. Barcelona’s markets are as vibrant, thriving and unique as the city itself. Want to learn to navigate the stalls like a pro? Here are our favorite food market tours in Barcelona. Each will take you to a different food market, which stands out in its own way.

Experience a different side of local life on these food market tours in Barcelona!

Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour

Step off the beaten path and into the charming, colorful Gracia neighborhood. You’ll almost feel like you’ve been whisked away from the bustling metropolis of Barcelona to a small Catalan village. It’s authentic, close-knit, and the perfect setting for our Gracia Neighborhood Food & Market Tour.

This daytime tour will take you through the picturesque cobblestone streets of Gracia. After breakfast at a favorite local spot, you’ll head to the Abacería Central Market. This beautiful indoor market holds a world of Catalan cuisine and culture beyond its doors. Each stall is bursting with stories, and the friendly vendors can’t wait to share them with you.

We visit the Abacería market on our Gracia neighborhood tour, one of the best food market tours in Barcelona!
The Abacería market is bursting with color.

While making your way through the stalls, you’ll stop at a few of our favorites (though it’s hard to pick!). Tastings include award-winning local cheeses, the best of the best local cured meats and Spain’s iconic olives. It’s one of the best food market tours in Barcelona for those who want to get off the tourist-beaten path and experience a market as a local would.

Our food market tours in Barcelona include tastes of traditional products like these yummy olives!
Not an olive fan? The olive skewers at Abacería will make you rethink that!

Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Tour

One of the most diverse food market tours in Barcelona, Tastes & Traditions will take you into two of the city’s most storied neighborhoods. The first, Born, was a prestigious district in medieval Barcelona and today is one of the city’s most colorful and artistic barrios. Here, you’ll head into the beautiful Santa Caterina Market just as locals are doing their morning grocery shopping.

Beneath the market’s brightly colored, wavy roof sit dozens of stalls where vendors sell the same products their families have perfected for generations. Though the market itself was completely renovated in 2005, it’s actually been around since the mid-nineteenth century. Despite its modern look, you can still get a sense of the site’s rich history (it was Barcelona’s first covered market!) and feel the authentic spirit of the place.

Our food market tours in Barcelona take you inside authentic local markets like Santa Caterina.
The Santa Caterina market building is a Barcelona landmark.

It’s hard to pick which stalls to stop at, but we’ve picked two for this tour. First, you’ll taste Spain’s famous manchego cheese as well as two more fantastic cheeses from the region. Then, it’s time for the jamón! (You didn’t think we’d let you leave without trying some, did you?)

Our food market tours in Barcelona give you the chance to meet vendors who have proudly sold their families products for generations.
Our friends at the market can’t wait to meet you!

Can’t make the tour? Join Devour Tours founder Lauren for an insider’s look at the Santa Caterina Market in the video below!

We hope one of these food market tours in Barcelona catches your eye (or more accurately, your appetite)! We can’t wait to show you the secrets of Barcelona’s incredible markets. Book your tour now and get ready for an authentic look at local life!

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