10 Must-See Festivals in Tuscany: Jousts, Fireworks, Cheese-Rolling, and More

Cathedral in Firenze

For all its well-deserved history and art accolades, Italy is a land of festivals. Regardless of where in Italia your travels take you, and when you choose to visit, chances are that you’ll end up finding a local festival to attend. Festivities are diverse; they can be centered around the celebrations of traditional dishes, religious […]

Public Transportation in Florence: How to Get Around Like a Local

Florence skyline

Get around like a local when you take advantage of the robust public transportation in Florence when you hop on a bus, train, tram, e-bike, or scooter! While the best way to explore Florence is on your own two feet, using one of the many options of Florence public transportation is preferred to see more […]

Our 7 Picks for the Best Italian Restaurant in Florence


We’ll just come right out and say it: it feels silly to be talking about the best Italian restaurants in Florence! It reminds us of a video by Italian TikTok creators lionfieldmusic: “Do Italians eat Italian food in Italy?” (If you’re on the app, look them up! They post hilariously wholesome content about Italian culture.) […]

5 Delicious Fiesole Restaurants (and How to Get There)

decorated table with pasta and meat dish and glass of red wine

With over 2,000 restaurants in Florence, there’s no shortage of great places to eat in the heart of Tuscany! You can find just about every cuisine within the city center, but if you expand your horizons to the areas surrounding Florence, especially Fiesole, you’ll discover even more great eats. Here are our favorite Fiesole restaurants. […]

Lucca Day Trip from Florence: Must-visits and Insider Tips

view of Lucca from above

A treasure fortified by Renaissance walls, Lucca is one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Located just one hour and 20 minutes from Florence by train it’s the perfect destination for a day trip. So to get the most out of your outing, we put together this list of top things to do on […]

How to Plan the Ultimate Tuscany Road Trip

scenic green hills and old house

You’ve seen all the big tourist sites, you’ve enjoyed a walking tour with an expert local guide, and maybe you’ve even hopped on a train to enjoy some day trips around the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. But after all this, you still feel like you’re missing something during your visit to Tuscany. If you’re one of […]

The Wine Windows of Florence and Where to Find Them

A woman in glasses smiling in front of a small arch-shaped opening in a stone wall

Ah, Florence. The city that makes you sigh with its art, gelato, and good food. But did you know this picturesque Tuscan town also hides a unique phenomenon? It’s called buchette del vino (wine windows).  Buchette del vino, or wine windows, are a peculiar feature of Florence. They are little windows with inscriptions on the walls of […]

Restaurants with a View in Florence: Our Top 5 Picks


There’s so much to see and do in Florence that it can be tempting to simply grab a quick bite to pack in as much as you can. But when you are craving a relaxing sit-down meal and panoramic vistas of the city’s iconic skyline, it’s time to head to the best restaurants with a […]

Things to Do in Florence at Night: From Apericena to Live Music

old theater hall with wooden chairs

Nighttime is perfect to discover Florence like a true local. From a relaxed evening with a bite and a coppa to a bustling night of music and dancing, no matter your travel style there are plenty of things to do in Florence at night. So you finally made it to Florence. During the day you […]

Oldest Restaurants in Florence: The Ultimate List

entrance to old Italian restaurant

You may already know that Italy wasn’t a country of its own until 1861. But some things have always united us: our love for food, respect for tradition, and great joy when the two come together. And there is no better place to experience this than in one of the oldest restaurants in Florence. More […]

What to Eat in Florence: Our Top Picks for Florentine Fare

Trying traditional dishes is one of the best things about traveling to Tuscany!

If Tuscany in general is well-loved by foodies (and we can agree it is), one can argue that Florence is the region’s pièce de résistance. But with so many options the question remains – what to eat in Florence?  One of the truest pleasures for any food lover in Italy is how a dish can […]

Off the Beaten Path: 3 Towns in Tuscany for the Curious Traveler

sunset over hills and winding roads

The region of Tuscany is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. It’s not hard to see why! With the sea to the west, the rolling foothills of the Apennines to the east, and lakes and rivers and picturesque countryside in-between, Tuscany is a Mediterranean utopia. Along with its natural beauty, there […]

All About Leather Markets in Florence


Italian excellence ensnares all the senses when you visit Florence. The stunning sites to see, the delicious local cuisine to taste, and the warm smell and smooth feel of Italian leather at the leather markets in Florence are just a few sensations you can expect to enjoy during your visit. Not only do leather goods […]

Florence Travel Tips: Dos and Don’ts of Traveling to Florence

We hope you’ll take some of our Florence travel tips to heart when planning your visit.

Visiting Florence is a dream come true in every sense. Walking along the cobblestoned streets, admiring the towering Duomo, hearing playful accordion music drifting through alleyways… It’s easy to be swept up in your own daydreams of what your trip to the Tuscan capital will be like. However, it’s important to keep some Florence travel […]

Florence in Fall: Plan Your Perfect Autumnal Visit

Enjoying the fruits of the grape harvest - in the form of vino, of course - is one of many seasonal Tuscan treats

Florence is an amazing city to visit at any time of year. But the bitter chill and rain of winter and the sweltering, shoe-melting heat of summer in Florence might not be your cup of tea. There’s something pretty perfect about visiting Florence in fall. The weather is gentler, the peak of tourist season has […]

The Fascinating Story of Tuscan Bread (And Why It’s Salt-Free)

Unsalted Tuscan bread from Pistoia

When you first start to nibble on Tuscan bread in Florence, you’ll probably notice it tastes a little… Odd. You may not know what it is, but there’s definitely something different about this bread. The answer is that there’s an ingredient missing in Tuscan bread – salt. At its simplest, bread consists of four ingredients […]

Our Top 8 Restaurants Near the Uffizi Gallery

Different pasta dishes - spaghetti, pesto, tortellini - on a restaurant table with cheese.

For the art buff, the Uffizi Gallery is hands-down the finest collection of art in the birthplace of Renaissance. The location is perfect for spending a day in the heart of Florence. Enjoy the soft breezes coming off the Arno River and explore loads of cute shops, museums, and restaurants near the Uffizi Gallery. Whether […]

Top Florence Restaurants by Neighborhood: Santa Croce

Groups of people standing outside a restaurant with the name Baldovino above an awning.

One of the best ways to explore Florence is to pick a street, start walking, and see where the city takes you. When you start your journey behind the bustling Duomo area, you’ll quickly end up in the eclectic and historic Santa Croce neighborhood. Hope you got hungry while doing all that walking, because the […]

Where to Find the Best Pastries in Florence

Wooden plate with two Italian cornetti pastries and a cappucino

Florence is known for its meat dishes and savory schiacciata. But even travelers with the sweetest sweet tooth can find delicious pastries in this city. Today, we’re sinking our teeth into the best pastries in Florence! Cornetteria Notte You’re probably already familiar with French croissants. But in Florence, we call them cornetti. And they’re so […]

Everything You Need to Know about Tipping in Florence

Waiter or waitress brings two white dishes of green salads to a table

Should you tip? Should you not tip? How much should you tip? Find out the where, when, and how much of tipping in Florence. Depending on your home country, tipping can be expected and is often a gesture of appreciation for excellent service–but that’s not always the case everywhere you go! There is a rumor […]

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