Florence Nightlife: Your Guide to Going Out

You may know Florence for a little thing called the Renaissance. Well, something’s about to change, because you’ll begin to think: Florence = nightlife. 

Group of men toasting with brown cocktails
Get ready to party like a local in the Tuscan capital! Photo credit: John Arano

It’s also natural: Florence has one of the most ancient universities in Italy. And university means college students, and college students mean college nightlife. 

Read on to have all your Florence nightlife options sorted out for your soiree. 

Cocktail Bars 

When it comes to cocktail bars, Florence has a great variety of options—from the essential fancy spots to more down-to-earth places.  

Just a heads up: if you don’t know whether or not the bar you’re in has the right brand of gin to make the perfect gimlet, just get a hard-to-screw-up cocktail like a Cuba Libre or a Negroni, a Florence classic. 

Brown cocktail in a short glass atop a woven black surface.
The Negroni is Florence’s signature cocktail. Photo credit: Sophia Sideri


What is nightlife without nightclubs? Well, nothing! Come to one of these spots to experience first-class Florence nightlife.

  • YAB: Right in the city center, YAB has a beautiful international allure. A disco essential to truly live Florence nightlife. 
  • REX Bar (Via Fiesolana, 25r): The REX was an Italian transatlantic ship. This explains the naval inspiration for the décor at this spot, from the huge globe to the wooden bar. REX is a milestone in Florence nightlife. 
  • The Space (Via Palazzuolo, 37): A classic club, less fancy than others but just as fun. 
Nightclub interior as seen from behind the DJ set.
Florence is home to plenty of clubs where you can party all night long. Photo credit: Daniel Robert Dinu

Live Music Venues 

Want to enjoy some live music while experiencing Florence nightlife? Here are a few ideas. 

  • NOF – Eat & Drink (Borgo S. Frediano, 17/19r): The beating heart of San Frediano. Go here for live music, and don’t forget the funny (yet true) rule: the place is too small to dance. 
  • Jazz Club (Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3): A characteristic location full of charm and great cocktails.  
  • Virgin Rock Pub (Via Dell’Agnolo, 78/r): This place stays open until very late—at least 3 a.m. If you’re looking for an authentic spot, here’s your chance to meet real Florentines. 
A person holding up both hands while watching a rock concert at a crowded venue
See an unforgettable show during your time in Florence! Photo credit: Tijs van Leur

Bars & Pubs 

Want to join us for a pint? Here are a few options for a happening Florentine night. 

  • Archea Brewery (Via dei Serragli, 44r): Home to artisanal beers of all kinds. A great place to stay out until late and chat with friendly strangers. 
  • The Joshua Tree Pub: A dimly lit atmosphere to spice up your evening. They have some nice beers and a great rock playlist. 
  • MostoDolce: Right next to the train station, this is a great place to stay out late. Their specialty is making you feel welcome.   

Ground Rules: Doing Florence Nightlife Like a Local 

In Florence, and Italy in general, nightlife starts pretty late: around 10–11 p.m. Before that, it’s aperitivo time, and you’d better learn to keep up with Italian alcohol consumption. Hence, nightlife goes on and on until dawn (if you feel like it). 

In Italy, the legal drinking age is 18, which is probably why so many American study abroad students go crazy. Just please keep in mind that actual people live in the city, so be respectful!