Vintage Finds: Top Thrift Shops & Flea Markets in Seville

Don’t be fooled by Seville’s prim, posh reputation—locals aren’t above taking advantage of a good bargain when they see one.

The treasure trove that is your average thrift shop or flea market becomes even more fascinating in Spain. Not only will you come across great deals on secondhand clothes and knickknacks, but you’ll also get a glimpse into Spain’s cultural past through books, records, paintings and more. Head to one of these thrift stores or flea markets in Seville and you’re sure to leave with your arms full of whimsical souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for fascinating secondhand finds? You'll want to check out these vintage shops and flea markets in Seville.

Flea markets in Seville

1. Mercado del Jueves

Topping any list of flea markets in Seville is the best of the best. Every Thursday morning, the aptly named Mercado del Jueves transforms Calle Feria into a secondhand shopper’s paradise, giving the better-known El Rastro in Madrid a run for its money.

As Seville’s longest-running flea market with more than eight centuries of history behind it, it’s a one-stop shop for anything and everything you could possibly want. 125 stalls hawk everything from antiques to toys to flamenco garb and more, all for prices that feel like a genuine steal.

Where: Calle Feria (stop at the eponymous food market for a bite to eat when you’re done shopping!)

When: Every Thursday from 8 a.m.–3 p.m.

One of the most historic flea markets in Seville is the one that takes place every Thursday on Calle Feria.
What kinds of weird and wonderful antiques will you come across at the Thursday Market?

2. Mercadillo del Duque

Also known as the “hippie market” among locals, the flea market that takes over Plaza del Duque throughout most of the week is one of the biggest and best in town.

Since 1985, this assortment of stands in one of Seville’s most grandiose squares has been the go-to spot for clothing and accessories, including artisanal jewelry and leather goods. The mix of offbeat secondhand finds and carefully handcrafted pieces is unbeatable, offering you the chance to pick up pieces for a completely one-of-a-kind look.

Where: Plaza Duque de la Victoria

When: Wednesday through Saturday, 9 a.m.–8:30 p.m.

One of the top flea markets in Seville for fashion lovers takes place in Plaza del Duque from Wednesday through Saturday.
The styles up for grabs at the Plaza del Duque market are completely one of a kind.

3. Mercadillo de Arte

Art lovers, this one’s for you. After spending a Sunday morning marveling at the masterpieces housed inside the lovely Fine Arts Museum of Seville, stick around and check out the art market that springs up in the surrounding plaza.

Don’t judge the works for sale based on the location. Just because this art is being sold in a casual outdoor setting rather than in a gallery doesn’t mean that it’s of poor quality. These artists are true professionals who take their craft seriously, and the prices reflect that.

No matter what your taste may be, you’ll find it all here, from classic to contemporary. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind souvenir to display in your home that will bring back cherished memories of Seville for years to come, this is definitely a market worth exploring.

Where: Plaza del Museo

When: Every Sunday from 9 a.m.–3 p.m.

When it comes to flea markets in Seville, art lovers won't want to miss the one that takes place every Sunday morning in the Plaza del Museo.
Art lovers will definitely want to keep the Sunday morning market on their radar.

4. Mercadillo de Filatelia y Numismática

Not many visitors to Seville even know that Plaza del Cabildo even exists. But step inside this hidden gem of a square just around the corner from the cathedral on a Sunday morning, and you’ll find a paradise of stamps, coins, and other collectors’ items, all going up for sale at the small but mighty assortment of stalls filling the semicircular space.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about old-school postal items or money, the Mercadillo de Filatelia y Numismática is worth checking out for the ambiance alone. Strike up a conversation with one of the vendors—chances are they’ll be more than happy to share their passion with a newcomer—and learn something new.

Even local kids get in on the fun—you’ll often see them gathered in the plaza during the market, selling and trading sports cards amongst themselves.

Where: Plaza del Cabildo

When: Every Sunday from 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Plaza del Cabildo is home to one of the most unique flea markets in Seville: a coin and stamp collectors' paradise.
Plaza del Cabildo is one of Seville’s most picturesque squares. Photo credit: Jesús Fernández

5. Paseo de Arte

Another one of the can’t-miss flea markets in Seville for art lovers, the Paseo de Arte transforms Triana’s pleasant riverfront walkway into an artistic wonderland every weekend.

Filled with that undeniable trianero spirit, this event sees dozens of passionate artists setting up shop to sell their paintings, artisanal jewelry, hand-painted ceramics and more. Adding to the fun is an assortment of workshops and activities geared towards both kids and adults alike, so you can learn something new as you shop.

Where: Paseo Nuestra Señora de la O

When: Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m.–2 p.m.

6. Mercadillos de la Alameda de Hércules

A onetime no-go area that’s transformed into a quirky hipster hangout in recent years, the Alameda de Hércules plays host to two of some of the best flea markets in Seville.

First up is the Mercado de Productos Ecológicos y Locales, which sets up shop at the northern end of the Alameda on the second Saturday of every month. We don’t know about you, but this one is right up our alley—organic local products are always a winner in our book, especially when we’re talking about Spanish extra-virgin olive oil, cheese, colorful seasonal produce and more.

The next day, you’ve got your classic street market, known as Gran Soho Alameda. On the second Sunday of most months, this massive affair becomes a hub for selling anything and everything, from artwork to clothing and accessories to even artisanal sweets.

Where: Alameda de Hércules

When: Second weekend of every month

7. Zoco del Parque María Luisa

Plaza de España is one of the main sights many travelers can’t wait to see when visiting Seville, but don’t just come to Parque María Luisa to check the colorful square off your list. The picturesque park is also home to one of the most unique flea markets in Seville.

The Zoco del Parque María Luisa brings 80 passionate vendors together every month in one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces. You’ll find clothes, accessories, home decor, and gourmet goods up for grabs here, and everything comes at an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Where: Avenida de Don Pelayo, Parque María Luisa

When: Third Sunday of every month from 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

You never know what you're going to find at the fascinating flea markets in Seville.
Seville’s flea markets hold a world of wonders within their stalls.

Thrift shops in Seville

1. Ropero

Let’s go back to Calle Feria for a second. In addition to hosting one of the most famous flea markets in Seville, this happening street is also home to some of the Andalusian capital’s top thrift shops.

Ropero is one such store, home to racks bursting with vintage clothing for nearly as far as the eye can see. You’ll also find a colorful array of accessories, vinyl records and other trinkets, all at fabulous budget-friendly prices. Come in and see why this place has made a name for itself over the past decade as the can’t-miss secondhand shop in Seville.

Thrift shops and flea markets in Seville are a great place to find fashionable items for less.
Seville’s thrift shops are home to a colorful assortment of vintage clothing and accessories.

2. Humana

For a sustainable shopping experience that doesn’t compromise style for responsibility, Humana’s newest Seville location on Calle Marques de Pickman is the place to go. While it’s a little ways out of the city center, the trek out to the shop is worth it, especially if sustainability and responsible travel in Seville are important to you.

Here, you’ll often find barely-worn pieces of clothing from top brands, and prices are extremely fair considering the quality of the products.

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