A Culinary Experience: Three Fine Dining Restaurants in Seville

In amongst Seville’s 3,000+ tapas bars and casual eateries, there are some very special restaurants to be found.

It’s true that we love tapas in Seville, and even when we are eating at what would be considered a restaurant, plates are still often shared and the vibe is casual. But when the occasion calls, when you are after something really special, when you are after a complete no-expense-spared culinary experience, there are, believe it or not, some very good fine dining restaurants in Seville.

So whether you are celebrating a special occasion on your vacation, or you simply just feel like a different kind of eating experience, check out some of the restaurants below, full of delicious gourmet tapas,  as they may be exactly what you are looking for!

Photo Credit: Abantal Restaurante

Restaurante Oriza

The cuisine from the Basque Country in the North of Spain has gained international recognition in recent years, thanks to San Sebastian’s bars serving creative and gourment pinchos and the one, two and three star Michelen restaurants that fill the city and the surrounding area, but you can try a little piece of the Basque Country right here in Seville!

Housed in a mansion dating back to 1926, Restaurante Oriza offers Basque-Andalusian fusion cooking with a focus on fresh local produce from the two regions, so expect to find traditional dishes made with the most modern and up to do date gastronomic cooking techniques!

Address: Calle San Fernando, 41

Abantal Restaurante

Abantal is a restaurant consisting of one large dining room and simple, minimalistic interior design, which means that the focus is right where it should be – all on the food. This is, after all, the only Michelin starred restaurant in Seville, and rightly so – it’s the place to come in the city if you are after fine dining with an Andalusian touch. Expect wonderful service, an excellent wine list, a menu with a range of meat and seafood dishes, and even a very reasonably priced tasting menu complete with wine pairing.

Address: Calle Alcalde José de la Bandera, 7

Photo Credit: Abades restaurante

Adabes Triana

If location is what you are after and food comes secondary, then Abades Triana is the place for you. While the food is good but perhaps not as stand out as some others that have made the cut, the location is unbeatable. Imagine this: sitting at your carefully set table, sipping on a glass of wine, looking out the floor to roof glass walls, and having the view of Seville’s historic centre in the distance with the famous Torre del Oro right in front of it. If this sounds like the perfect setting for an amazing night out, then this is the place for you.

Address: Calle Betis, 69

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