Eating in Malaga

Eating in Malaga? Don't forget to try this dish, an 'espeto' (skewer) of sardines!
Eating an ‘espeto’ by the beach in Malaga is a classic ‘malagueño’ experience!

We are here to show you that Malaga is so much more than an airport or a launchpad for exploring the Costa del Sol. When you dedicate some time to discover Malaga, what you find is a beautiful city that is a perfect blend between a traditional way of life and a modern way of thinking, with some wonderful food ranging from traditional to modern, and of course, plenty of local seafood.

With this guide to eating in Malaga, we will show you where to eat in Malaga, the best restaurants in Malaga, and give you our insider tips to ensure that you will eat your way around this beautiful city in the best way possible!

Eating in Malaga? Don't miss having this breakfast at La Recova!
The breakfast spreads at La Recova are one of our favorite things in Malaga!

Breakfast in Malaga

La Recova: This is one of our favorite spots in Malaga for breakfast. The breakfast on offer is the same for everyone (there are no ordering options). A tea or coffee with two slices of toast, accompanied by a selection of five different spreads ranging from homemade jams to savory local specialties. This is not to missed while you are staying in the city of Malaga!

Pasaje Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de San Juan, 5

Casa Aranda: If you are looking for something sweet, this is a classic place for breakfast in Malaga. Although there are also other great places to eat churros in Malaga, this is probably the most popular of them all. Don’t let that scare you off, though! Just push your way up to the counter and tell them how many churros you would like (or how many people are in your group).

Calle Herrería del Rey, 3

Eating in Malaga? You can get fresh ingredients from any of its local produce markets.
There’s beautiful foods to be found in Malaga’s local fresh produce markets!

Tapas in Malaga

El Tapeo De Cervantes: Squeeze into this tiny tapas bar and be prepared for a tapas experience! It’s a little more expensive than other tapas bars in Malaga but it has a really interesting and varied menu which includes traditional favorites and tapas done with a modern flair.

Calle Carcer, 8

Bar Orellana: This is a favorite, and very popular among locals, but don’t let the crowds in this tiny bar put you off! Squeeze up at the bar and check out their traditional tapas on offer. We love getting roast lamb carved off the leg which sits on top of the bar in front of you!

Calle de Moreno Monroy, 5

La Tranca: There are two reasons why locals flock to this busy little bar: vermouth and empanadas – both of which are amazing. The home-made vermouth is said to be the best in the city (and we would have to say that we agree!) and the freshly made empanadas come with a range of fillings, such as three cheeses, chicken, and of course, the famous Spanish ham.

Calle Carretería, 93

Eating in Malaga? Don't miss all the delicious seafood on offer!
Delicious fried baby squid by the beach at Malaga!

Seafood in Malaga

Bar La Comba: This is the only place in Malaga that served fried fish in a cone! It’s a very authentic, local place around 10 minutes walk from the center of town but it’s worth seeking out for a true pescaíto frito experience.

Calle Victoria, 17

Marisquería Casa Vincente: We love this no-frills seafood restaurant in the center of town near the Alameda and Atarazanas Market. Don’t miss the fried boquerones (a malagueño favorite) and their world-famous-in-Malaga prawns.

Calle del Comisario, 2

El Cabra: No trip to Malaga is complete without a trip to the beach to eat at one of the chiringuitos that line the beaches of Malaga, and one of the most historic and delicious of them all is El Cabra. Make sure you order an espeto – a local favorite of skewered sardines cooked over an open pit BBQ fire on the beach.

Paseo Marítimo Pedregal, 17

Got any tips on where to eat in Malaga? Let us know in the comments section below!

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