Where to Eat in San Sebastian on Mondays: Best Local Bites

After the busy weekend, many bars and restaurants all over Spain close up shop on Mondays to give their employees some much-needed rest.

Given that many great places close for the day, it may feel like it’s hard to find a good place to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays without resorting to the tacky tourist traps. However, there are plenty of delicious (and authentic!) options—you might just have to look a little harder. If you’re visiting town on a Monday, here are our favorite places to eat like a local as much as any other day.

Worried about finding good food in San Sebastian on Mondays? We've got you covered! There are tons of authentic and delicious places to eat in town that stay open on Mondays, so just take a look at our restaurant guide for the best of them. #traveller #traveltips #tapas #foodie #foodblog #europe

Atari Gastroteka

Atari Gastroteka prides itself on its especially unique traditional yet modern style, reflected in every aspect of the place from its decor to the food itself. A popular meeting point for local friends, you may have to elbow your way through a crowd of locals to find a spot. All of the pintxos here are beautifully presented. The cold bites out on the bar will certainly catch your eye, and while those are of excellent quality, the hot pintxos are truly the star of the show. This is the perfect place to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays for a casual meal that will make you feel like a local.

AddressCalle Mayor, 18

Try the pulpo at Atari Gastroteka, one of our favorite places to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays!
Can’t decide what to eat? Atari’s incredible pulpo is one of their standout dishes!


Walking into Gandarias will almost make you feel like you’ve stepped back into your favorite hometown bar. The atmosphere here is warm, welcoming and friendly, and we haven’t even gotten to the food yet! Their pintxos take inspiration from traditional Basque cooking—simple, fresh ingredients masterfully combined to create something amazing. Their solomillo is especially mouthwatering, but you can’t go wrong with nearly anything you order here. Additionally, this is the perfect place to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays for celiacs or other gluten-free diners. They offer an entire gluten-free menu!

Address31 de Agosto Kalea, 23

Try the solomillo at Gandarias, one of the best places to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays!
Simple, delicious solomillo pintxos always hit the spot.

La Muralla

This cozy little restaurant tucked away in the Old Town is one of our favorite places to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays for a sit-down meal. Elegant yet unpretentious, La Muralla‘s beautiful decor, top quality service and especially unforgettable food make for a perfect dining experience. Their recipes honor traditional Basque cuisine with a touch of modern innovation, all prepared with strictly the freshest seasonal ingredients for maximum quality.

AddressCalle Embeltrán, 3


Undoubtedly one of the absolute best restaurants in the city, Rekondo offers a world-class dining experience you won’t soon forget. Its elegant interior features sweeping views of La Concha bay that look straight off of the front of a postcard. The cuisine here is masterfully prepared using seasonal ingredients and only the freshest seafood. Another point in its favor is its fabulous wine selection. With a cellar boasting thousands of wines from all over the globe, Rekondo is widely regarded as home to one of the best wine selections in the world.

AddressPaseo de Igeldo, 57

Rekondo is a must-visit place to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays for wine lovers!
Exquisite wine and some of the best food in San Sebastian? We’re in!


With a dedication to healthy, natural food, Tedone is one of the best places to eat in San Sebastian for vegetarians and vegans! However, even meat eaters will find something they’ll love on Tedone’s short yet excellent menu. The limited variety of dishes on offer ensures that everything you order will be done to perfection. Located off the beaten path in the unique Gros neighborhood, it’s the perfect place to get away from the crowded city center and enjoy an especially lovely, healthy meal.

AddressCorta Kalea, 10

Tedone is the perfect place to eat in San Sebastian on Mondays for vegetarians, vegans and healthy food lovers in general!
Vegetarian or not, a refreshing tomato salad always hits the spot.

Need Monday night dinner plans? Our Ultimate Pintxos & Wine Tour is always a good idea. Get off the beaten path and into some of San Sebastian’s most beloved family-run bars and restaurants. We hope you’re hungry!


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