Five Unique Walking Tours in Seville

There is no better way to discover a city than exploring it on foot, and what could be better than having a local show you the ropes and take you on a different type of walk around Seville!

Here are five different walking tours in Seville that take you away from the typical monumental route and show you our city in a different light, each in their own unique style.

There is no better way to discover a city than exploring it on foot, and what could be better than having a local show you the ropes and take you on a different type of walk around the city. Here are five different walking tours in Seville, to help you see the city from a difference perspective.

Photo Credit: kangxi504

Legends Walking Tour

Pancho Tours offer a range of walking tours around the city, but the most interesting and by far our favorite is the Legends Walking Tour, in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Almost every visitor to Seville spends some time in Seville’s Old Jewish quarter, and although today it’s easy to not look much further past the pretty plazas and cute stores,  Seville’s most picturesque area has plenty of stories and history behind it, and this history tour is the perfect way to get an insight into that history. We loved learning the legends that tell the story of this neighborhood and bring the squares and streets to life.

We love taking Different walking tours in Seville, and there is a tour that explores the legends of this beautiful neighborhood, Santa Cruz.
A square in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, Seville – Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure

Original Seville Markets and Walls tour

Most people have not heard much about the Macarena, one of Seville’s working class neighborhoods, but it is worth getting out of the very centre to discover it, as well as the surrounding areas. The Original Seville Markets and Walls tour visits one of Seville’s most lively local streets, with people heading every direction as they go about their daily business. This is also street that can’t be visited without paying a visit to Seville’s oldest market!

In the Macarena neighborhood you will discover part of the original city walls, the Basilica of Macarena which is one of the most iconic churches in the city and home to Seville’s most celebrated Virgin, and learn about the relationship between this neighborhood and the famous 90s song of the same name. We think this area is a must see to experience a slice of the real Seville!

Not many walking tours in Seville explore the Macarena neighborhood - don't miss this incredible local area, and especially this beautiful church, the Basilica of Macarena. When you are looking for different walking tours in Seville, one in this neighbourhood is definitely worth it!
The Basilica of Macarena in the Macarena neighborhood – Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure

Seville, a City of Queens, Nuns, Prostitutes and Witches tour

It’s important to discover some of Seville’s most important monuments, but hearing the stories in a different light always makes things interesting. That’s where the interesting walking tours by Not Just A Tourist come in.

The Seville, a City of Queens, Nuns, Prostitutes and Witches tour takes you to some of Seville’s most visited sites, such as the Old Tobacco Factory and Parque Maria Luisa, but instead you will hear the story of Seville through the women of its past. These kind of stories definitely make for a unique tour experience!

This is the beautiful Maria Luisa park in Seville. There are different walking tours in Seville that show this area through a different set of eyes, so be sure to check them out!
Horse and carriage in the Parque Maria Luisa, Seville – Photo Credit: Raúl A.-

Leyendas de Triana tour

Triana is a neighborhood full of passion and life – if you thought Seville was lively, Triana is like Seville’s much more over the top sister. The Leyendas de Triana tour explores this neighborhood across the other side of the river and reveals its secrets.

We love discovering a neighborhood through its stories, and as well as discovering the history, streets and darkest secrets of Triana, this tour tells the stories of important Andalusian traditions and customs. The people from this neighborhood are proud of their hometown and proud to be from there, and this tour is the perfect opportunity to learn why.

A foodie adventure with Devour Seville is the perfect way to get to know the authentic food and wine tradition of the city

Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville tour

What better thing to accompany a walk through Seville’s central neighborhoods than some of Seville’s most typical food and drink. Our Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville tour takes you right off the beaten path while remaining in the heart of the city.

You will discover bars and eateries you would have never thought to enter, different types of food and drink you wouldn’t have known to try, all while rambling around narrow, winding streets, hearing stories of Seville’s history, and learning about how the history and traditions influenced the cuisine today. For those who love food, or who simply just like to learn about places in a different way, this is the perfect experience! Here’s a quick preview form local experts Jaimie and Hayley!

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