Devour Tours Is Crossing the Border!

This might be our biggest news yet.

You’ve devoured Spain with us. Together, we’ve eaten calamari sandwiches in Madrid, pescaíto frito in Seville, pintxos in San Sebastian and pa amb tomàquet in Barcelona. And we’ve loved every bite.

But what if we told you it was time to devour something new? Something a little less.. Spanish?

That’s right: Devour Tours is crossing the border! This year you can find us in Paris, Rome and Lisbon, doing what we do best: connecting curious travelers to local communities.

Lisbon is one of the three new cities we're devouring in 2019!
Lisbon, we’re coming for you (and all your pasteis de nata). Photo credit: @hayleycomments

Wait, what?!

If you’ve gotten used to us as your go-to Spanish food tour company, this might come as a surprise! But for us, it’s been a long time coming.

In 2017 when we changed our name from Devour Spain to Devour Tours, we did so knowing that one day we’d be bringing our mission outside of Spain. And finally, that day has arrived!

In our globalizing world where centennial businesses find themselves competing with chains—and losing that battle far too often—we can’t just sit by and watch. We’re all about taking visitors beyond the surface level of a city through its unique gastronomy in a way that helps the local culture thrive—and there’s no reason why Spain should get all the love.

We’re thrilled to be by your side in three new cities (and countries!) to devour even more of the world together.

Join us in Lisbon, Rome and Paris this year for more fascinating food and culture tours across Europe.
Our passion is connecting curious travelers to local cultures through food, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring that mindset across Spain’s borders.

Why Lisbon, Paris and Rome?

Our founder Lauren said, “As we dip our toes outside of Spain, we wanted to start with the places that make our hearts jump and our stomachs growl,” and that’s just how we feel about these three cities.

We have something special to offer each one, and we’re counting down the days until we start connecting curious travelers to the food and people that call them home. What can you expect from us along the way?

  • We’ll be exploring what it means to visit Lisbon responsibly at a time when the city is reckoning with overtourism. Also, the age-old question: how many pasteis de nata can one person eat in a day?
  • Move over spaghetti and meatballs—the real cucina romana is something to behold, and we can’t wait to help you fall in love with it the way we have.
  • Everyone has an idea of what they think Paris is, but there are delicious secrets hiding in plain sight in the heart of the historic center—we’ll take you inside.
Come devour Paris (and all its amazing pastries) with us starting in 2019.
If you have a sweet tooth, rejoice: there just may be French pastries in your future.

Another big part of why we’re going to these three cities has to do with our mission as a company.

“I truly believe that tourism is one of the most powerful tools for preserving and celebrating a place’s history, heritage and traditions,” said Lauren. “Sense of place is important, and in an ever-homogenizing world, I’m happy to be a part of promoting it.”

We’re also going for you!

We’ve lost count of the emails you’ve been sending us—for years now!—that go a little something like this: “I loved my tour in Barcelona, and I’m headed to Paris next. Please tell me you have a tour there!”

Well, Devourers, your wish is our command! After all, helping you truly connect to people and places when you travel is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Your wish is our command: join us on food tours in Rome, Paris and Lisbon starting in 2019!
We’re always happy to get out and explore the local food scene no matter where we are in the world, but it’s much more fun when we have you fellow Devourers along for the ride.

Start the countdown

We’ve told you the three cities we’ll be bringing into our family this year, but we haven’t told you when!

Well, one of them is coming very soon—at the end of this month, in fact!

Which one? You’ll just have to wait and see!

2019 could be Devour’s biggest year yet—and who knows where our stomachs will lead us next!

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