Date Ideas for Warm Weather in Madrid

One way to create and maintain a healthy relationship is to try something new as a couple!

Madrid is a city full of beautiful parks to take a romantic stroll, cute squares to relax in and great viewpoints to catch some breathtaking scenery as a couple. Instead of another ‘dinner and a movie’ date night, try one of these fun date ideas for warm weather in Madrid.

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Grab Drinks on a Rooftop Terrace

When the weather gets warm the people of Madrid head to the top, the rooftop that is. The change in weather heralds the return of hot nights tempered with cold drinks, high above the bustling streets below. Rooftop bars offer breathtaking views and a relaxed ambiance, and can be found throughout the city. Need some suggestions? Check out our article on rooftop terraces in Madrid.

Catching the stunning view of the iconic Metropolis building in Madrid is one of many great date ideas for warm weather in Madrid
The view from the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Photo Credit: Antonio Tajuelo

Get Physical

Going on a ‘sporty’ date is a wonderful way to create a strong bond with someone you’re dating. Why? Because when you’re doing a physical activity your body releases endorphins. Endorphins help calm anxiety, reduce stress, and are associated with feelings of attachment. When else does the body release endorphins? When we are in love. Working up a sweat with your date will help their brain associate those feelings of attachment and calm to you, which will hopefully lead to more dates in the future!

Get those endorphins going and head out on an athletic date. Rent a bike for an afternoon and explore the city together. If you really want to work up a sweat, head to the mountains for a good hike.

Madrid is so much more than just the built-up city center, head to northern Madrid to see greenery, lakes and streams - certainly our idea of a great date idea for warm weather in the city!
The beautiful scenery of Pontón de la Oliva in northern Madrid, a popular hiking spot. Photo Credit: Bea

Have a Bite at the Market

Can’t decide which restaurant to take your date? Why not have a bite in one of Madrid’s mercados (markets)? A number of the traditional markets in Madrid have been transformed into upscale, gourmet food courts. Mercados are great because they offer a variety of cuisine, all in the same building. Portions are usually tapas-sized, so you and your date can indulge by ordering a bit of everything.

There are a number of great mercados throughout the city which offer a wide selection of delicious food. The most popular, the Mercado de San Miguel, has a lively atmosphere but it can get very crowded during the weekend. As an alternative, check out the Mercado San Antón in Chueca which is a bit quieter.

oysters, prawns, sardines - just some o the beautiful produce available at the markets in Madrid, sampling these inside the market is a unique way of spending time with your loved one in Madrid
Seafood on display at Mercado de San Miguel, including raw oysters which are said to be an aphrodisiac.

Take in Romantic Views of the City

Start your date with a ride on the Teleférico de Madrid, a suspended cable car on the western side of the city. During the ride you and your date will get a bird’s eye view of the Royal Palace, the Manzanares River and the surrounding countryside.

After that, head south to the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple gifted to Spain in the 1960s. The Temple of Debod is a very popular spot to watch the sun set, so take a seat on a bench or on the grassy, green lawns and wait for dusk. As the sun moves further south of the horizon, the sky fills with rich shades of blue, pink and purple, creating a romantic atmosphere for the perfect kiss.

The gentle colouring o a sunset at Templo de Debod, with the building beautifully reflected in the surrounding water is a great date idea for warm weather in Madrid
Sunset at Temple of Debod Photo Credit: Emilio García

Spend an Evening Wine Tasting

Are you and your paramour wine lovers? Then we’ve got the perfect date night for you! Spain produces some amazing wines, so why not spend an evening tasting some of the best Spanish vinos? If you don’t know much about wine, no worries. During our Spanish Wine Tastings, our wine aficionados share their expertise in a fun and informative way. After the event, head to another bar with your date and put your newly acquired wine knowledge to use!

Cheers! Sharing a glass of delicious white or full bodied red wine is the ultimate date idea for warm weather in Madrid
Learn more about Spanish wine at our Madrid Uncorked events!

Take a Delicious Day Trip

Probably not a good idea for a first date, but a day trip is a great choice after you’ve established that you guys actually like each other. There are numerous places for an exciting day trip from Madrid, and many are an hour or less away by public transit. Spend the day exploring cities from eras long passed and feast on delicious specialities from the region.

Looking for some gothic architecture and sweet marzipan treats? Head to Toledo, the former capital of the country. If you want to check out an ancient Roman aqueduct and have a bite of suckling pig, then it’s off to Segovia. For more ideas, read this list on delicious day trips from Madrid.

The iconic Roman arches of the aqueduct in Segovia is an experience best shared with someone special, another date idea for warm weather in Madrid
Visit Segovia to see the aqueduct built hundreds of years ago by the Romans. Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek

Stroll through Parque del Buen Retiro

This luscious park is located in the heart of Madrid, but it’s so large that you actually feel like you’re no longer in the city. Get to know your date better as you stroll along the many trails and paths running throughout Parque del Buen Retiro. Make sure to stop by the Palacio de Cristal along the way to check out the latest art installation. Feeling extra romantic? Up the cheesy factor by renting a boat and rowing your way around the lake. If your walk works up an appetite, head to Fonty a French inspired bakery within walking distance from the park.

Seeing the stunning Crystal Palace in Retiro Park, especially with the backdrop of a blue sky during the warmer months, is one of our favorite date choices when it's sunny in Madrid
The Palacio de Cristal in Parque del Buen Retiro. Photo Credit: Rodney

What would be the perfect date for you? Do you have any suggestions of date ideas for warm weather in Madrid?

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