Cheers! Our Guide to Craft Beer in Lisbon

Craft beer in Lisbon was once a rare sight, but the city is finally catching up with the rest of the world.

The two ubiquitous lagers, Sagres and Superbock, no longer have the monopoly on beer. Craft beer in Lisbon is on the rise, and today there are at least nine microbreweries. Most of them are in Marvila, Lisbon’s Beer District but the trend is spreading. Whether you’re a craft beer newbie or a brewer yourself, this guide has everything you need to know about Lisbon’s craft beer scene. Read on for our favorite nine craft beers in Lisbon and where to try them!

Whether as part of your nightlife experience or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up after a day of travel, Lisbon's craft beer bars are a must for anyone seeking out the best Portuguese artisanal brews. This guide to craft beer in Lisbon will show you where to find great beer and great people. #vacation #traveltips

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1. Musa – A Revolutionary Beer

Bruno and Nuno left their jobs and decided to make their own beer, but neither of them knew how to make it. So, they hired a professional brewer, Nick Rosich, and Musa was born.

The beers are references to rock stars. There’s the Mick Lager, the Born in the IPA and the Red Zeppelin Ale. This is one of our favorite Lisbon bars to try craft beer!

Look out for Musa beers at their brewery or one of these craft beer bars: Beer Station, Cerveteca, Duque, Lisbeer, Quimera

Looking for craft beer in Lisbon? Musa is one of the best breweries in town.
Musa offers a great selection of craft beer on tap.

2. Dois Corvos – A Beer from a Family-Run Brewery

Dois Corvos is a family-run brewery, founded by Susana and Scott in 2013. The name comes from the two crows (dois corvos) featured in Lisbon’s flag.

From session beers to aged stouts, there are 12 beers on tap at Dois Corvos. We recommend ordering the tasters tray so you can try a bit of everything. They also organize regular brewery tours.

Look out for Dois Corvos beers at their brewery or one of these craft beer bars: Beer Station, Cerveteca, Duque, Lisbeer, Crafty Corner, Quimera

If you want to try craft beer in Lisbon, visit the Dois Corvos brewery and try it straight from the tap!
Can’t decide what to choose at Dois Corvos? Just ask the staff for a recommendation!
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3. Lince – A Beer with a Cause

António and Pedro were approaching their retirement when they founded Lince. The two friends started producing beer in a garage before they made it professionally. The brand wants to bring awareness to the Lince ibérico, an endangered wild cat species from the Iberian Peninsula.

They offer four beers, a Belgian Pale Ale, an American IPA, a Blonde Ale and a Stout. The brewery is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but it’s better to schedule a visit in advance.

Look out for Lince beers at their brewery or one of these craft beer bars: Duque, Quimera

Lince is one of three breweries where you can try craft beer in Lisbon. The bottles feature the Lince Ibérico, or Iberian lynx, which gives its name to the brand.
Every bottle of Lince beer features the Lince Ibérico!
Photo credit: Lince

4. Oitava Colina – Brewed in Lisbon’s Eighth Hill

The owners of Oitava Colina found their inspiration in Graça, Lisbon’s eighth hill. João Lobo and João Mendes started experimenting at home before opening the brewery. They now own a tap room and Lisbon’s first craft beer kiosk.

They began with three beers: Urraca, Zé Arnaldo, and Florinda. Urraca is the IPA of the family, Zé Arnaldo is the dark beer and Florinda is a blond beer. The options continue to increase, but the beer remains as authentic as ever.

Look out for Oitava Colina beers at their taproom, kiosk, or one of these craft beer bars: Damas, Trobadores, Beer Station, Duque, Cerveteca, Lisbeer, Crafty Corner

Oitava Colina is the most popular craft beer in Lisbon. The three original bottles feature cool designs by the urban artist Gonçalo MAR.
These cool labels were designed by the Portuguese artist Gonçalo MAR.

5. LX Brewery – Lisbon’s First Craft Beer

LX Brewery is considered the first brand of Lisbon craft beer. The founder, Gonçalo Sant’Ana is on a mission to expand the brand worldwide.

They have several regular beers, but they also like to change it up, so expect to find some limited editions. The brewery opens as a bar on Fridays from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Look out for LX Brewery beers at their brewery or one of these craft beer bars: Cerveteca, Duque

The LX Brewery is one of the first craft beers produced in Lisbon. The brewery is open to the public every Friday night.
Visit the LX Brewery on Friday evenings and try the beer straight from the tap!
Photo credit: Pateos for LX Brewery

6. A.M.O. Brewery – A One-Woman Beer

A.M.O. is a microbrewery created by Margaret Orlowski. She began home-brewing as a hobby back in Canada and continued when she moved to Lisbon in 2012.

There are more than eight beers available, including a Witbier and a Coffee Pale Ale. The brewery is only open on Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you’re curious about the process, you can attend their home-brewing workshops.

Look out for A.M.O. beers at their brewery or one of these craft beer bars: Quimera, Crafty Corner, The Block Cafe

If you want to try craft beer in Lisbon, check out A.M.O. Their excellent beers are available on tap or in a bottle.
If you can’t make it to the brewery, you can buy the A.M.O. bottles in a few shops around the city.
Photo credit: theblocklisboa

7. Gallas – From Brazil to Portugal

Gustavo Gallas started producing beer in Brazil, but soon found his way to Lisbon. Together with his partner Vinicius, they run the 21 Brewpub Gallas (21 is the area code to call Rio de Janeiro).

The beer is made according to old traditions and uses locally-sourced ingredients. Their main focus is on IPAs, but they also have a Stout and a Witbier.

Look out for Gallas beers at their brewpub

The Gallas beer is the most recent addition to the craft beer scene in Lisbon.
You can try the Gallas beer at the 21 Brewpub or you can find them at the next craft beer festival.
Photo credit: 21 Brewpub Gallas

8. Quimera – A Beer Served in a Tunnel

Adam and Thomas are the faces behind Quimera, a brewpub located in an 18th-century tunnel in Alcântara.

They have 12 taps, featuring their own beer and other local craft beers. We recommend the Coffee Stout and the Single Hop.

Look out for Quimera beers at their brewpub

Fancy a craft beer in Lisbon? Quimera has 12 beers on tap to choose from!
Picking a beer at Quimera is easy thanks to these colorful wooden labels.
Photo credit:kwbriggs66

9. Passarola – Australia meets Portugal

The production of Passarola started in 2014 with Robert Klacek, an Australian brewer, and André Pintado, one of the biggest beer tasters in Portugal.

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At the moment they have an IPA, an American Pale Ale and an American Stout.

Look out for Passarola beers at one of these craft beer bars: Quimera, Lisbeer, Cerveteca, Duque

Other Craft Beer Bars in Lisbon

  • Cervetoria – More international beers and the taps are always changing.
  • Flor de Lúpulo – The taps are always changing. It has a mix of Portuguese and international beers.
  • Delirium Café – More international beers, although you might find the Oitava Colina here.
  • Cervejaria Adamastor – The taps are always changing, but they serve mostly Portuguese beer.

Check out this Lisbon Craft Beer Map, for a full listing of the craft beer bars and breweries in Lisbon.

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