Cheers! Where to Drink Craft Beer in San Sebastian

As home to some of the best food in the world, San Sebastian is a gastronomic paradise.

But what about when it comes to refreshing artisanal beers? The craft beer craze has taken full swing in Europe, and Spain is catching on to the trend. There are several great bars where you can enjoy craft beer in San Sebastian. Here’s where to drink like a local!

The craft beer craze is sweeping Spain, and San Sebastian is no exception. For a beer lover, there's no better pairing for San Sebastian's food and pintxos than a glass of the perfect craft beer. If that sounds like you, follow our guide for the best bars with your new favorite beers on tap. #traveltips #travelguides #foodie #beer #craftbeer #europe

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Founded by a Basque-Russian couple just a few years ago, Kañabikaña is at the forefront of the local craft beer revolution. As one of the first bars dedicated solely to craft beer in San Sebastian, they offer a delicious variety of both local and international craft beers, both on tap and in bottles that you can also buy to go. Located along Zurriola beach in the off-the-beaten-path Gros neighborhood, this friendly, welcoming bar is perfect for craft beer newbies and aficionados alike.

AddressZurríola Hiribidea, 36

Kañabikaña is home to some of the best craft beer in San Sebastian!
The only downside? Trying to choose from an incredible selection of beer!

Mala Gissona

With industrial-minimalist decor and a contemporary local clientele, Mala Gissona is another reference for craft beer in San Sebastian. They brew each of their beers in-house, with a limited yet excellent selection featuring something for every taste. They also serve simple, delicious food that goes perfectly with the refreshing beer.

AddressZabaleta Kalea, 53

We love the homemade brews at Mala Gissona, one of the best places for craft beer in San Sebastian!
Cheers to finding amazing craft beer in San Sebastian!


Etxeberria‘s privileged location in the heart of the Old Town makes it a perfect stop during your evening bar crawl. It’s constantly packed with locals, so you may have to elbow your way through the crowd to grab a spot at the bar. However, that’s all just part of the fun, boisterous atmosphere. Their beer lineup features a rich variety of local and international brews, and they also serve a fabulous house vermouth on weekends as well.

Address: Iñigo Kalea, 8

There are so many great places to drink craft beer in San Sebastian!
Nothing beats a refreshing beer on tap.

Pub Drop

Located on a popular drinking street near the cathedral, Pub Drop is a bustling, lively bar serving some of the best local craft beer in San Sebastian. With nearly 20 taps and even more options bottled in the fridge, even craft beer connoisseurs are sure to find something they’ve never heard of at this bar. The relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal place to grab a quick drink or spend a leisurely afternoon with friends.

AddressReyes Catolicos Kalea, 18

Bar Desy

Another hidden gem in Gros, family-run Bar Desy has been a staple of the San Sebastian beer scene for more than 30 years. This unassuming, no-frills bar features one of the most surprising ranges of craft beer in San Sebastian. They feature dozens of brews from all over the world both on tap and in the fridge, all of which go perfectly with their simple yet delicious pintxos.

AddressRonda Kalea, 4

Bar Desy is one of the best places to enjoy craft beer in San Sebastian. Their pintxos are pretty amazing, too!
Pintxos and beer? Count us in!

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