Cost of Food in Lisbon – How to Eat, Spend and Save in Portugal’s Capital

We all know Portuguese food is delicious—but how much should you be spending on it? Here’s our complete guide to the cost of food in Lisbon!

When it comes to eating, the Portuguese capital is pretty much heaven. Whether you’re enjoying an affordable weekend getaway or a luxury vacation, Lisbon has something for everyone, from cheap street food and tascas to Michelin-starred restaurants and rooftop bars. No matter your budget, you won’t go hungry here!

A guide to the cost of food in Lisbon

Average Food Prices in Lisbon

Before you pack your bags, it’s useful to know what to expect in terms of prices. While the cost of food in Lisbon can vary greatly, there are some standard price ranges to keep in mind. This way you’ll be able to choose where you eat wisely—and avoid the tourist traps.

An easy way to judge the relative price range of any bar or café is to see how much they charge for coffee. You should expect to pay between €0.60 and €1 for an espresso, or slightly more with milk. If coffee is more than €1, the rest of the menu is likely overpriced as well.

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Coffee, custard tarts and a croissant sandwich
A great local breakfast in Lisbon shouldn’t break the bank.

At your average neighborhood café, a light breakfast of coffee and a pastry or toast should cost around €3. For lunch, many restaurants offer a prato do dia (dish of the day) for €6–8. If you want something a bit nicer, expect to pay about €10–12 for a full meal with soup, dessert and a drink.

At dinnertime, it’s easy to eat well for €15–20 per person, including wine and multiple courses. You should also plan on spending a few euros on snacks throughout the day. And keep in mind that mealtimes in Portugal might be different from what you’re used to!

Setting a Food Budget for Lisbon

The daily cost of eating in Lisbon depends greatly on your travel style, and how much importance you place on food. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s easy to find affordable options. The most frugal traveler should set aside about €25 for food per day: for example, €3 for breakfast, €8 for lunch and €12 for dinner, plus €2 for a snack.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more—but are still watching your wallet—you should budget about €40 per day for food in Lisbon. You might spend €5 on breakfast, €15 on lunch and €20 for a nicer dinner. Add an extra €10 if you want to have a few drinks—it’s easy to find bars where you can get a beer for €2–3 or a mixed drink for €4–5.

Bacalhau à brás (codfish dish from Portugal)
Some of the best Portuguese classics, like bacalhau à brás, are also completely wallet-friendly.

To fully enjoy all that Lisbon has to offer, you’ll need to raise the bar a bit. While €40–50 per day is enough to eat at the best local cafés and tascas, you might want to check out some fancier places. For example, dinner at Bairro do Avillez or Cervejaria Ramiro will set you back at least €50 per person. And at the best bars in Lisbon, you’ll pay €10–15 for each cocktail.

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The Best Food in Lisbon on a Budget

Let’s be honest: while most of us are willing to splurge every now and then on a fancy meal, most of the time we just want good food at reasonable prices. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to enjoy Lisbon on a budget. In fact, if you ask us, this city’s best food often happens to be its cheapest.

If you want an authentic taste of the local cuisine, check out our favorite cheap eats in Lisbon. Fresh seafood, traditional stews and classic petiscos, …these are the kinds of dishes that every visitor has to try. They’re best enjoyed at no-frills, family-run restaurants where the prices are fair and the portions are generous!

Finally, our favorite way to eat cheaply is to sample the amazing street food in Lisbon. This usually means some combination of bread and meat. There’s nothing better than enjoying a warm pão com chouriço (chorizo-stuffed bread) or bifana (pork sandwich) while you wander Lisbon’s streets. For a sweet snack, grab a pastel de nataat just €1, it’s hard to say no!

Bifanas (Portuguese pork sandwiches)
Bifanas are proof that the best Portuguese food is often the simplest.

To try all the best local specialties without breaking the bank, book a Devour Lisbon food tour. It’s the quickest and easiest route to the city’s best cuisine!

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