Our Complete Vegan and Vegetarian Guide to Barcelona

Vegans and vegetarians might find traveling to Barcelona a bit daunting—it is known for jamón and cheese, after all! But there are plenty of veggie-forward dishes out there.

This vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona will help you decipher where to go, what to order, and how to order it.

Small fried green peppers on a white plate beside a bottle of wine
Padrón peppers are one of our all-time favorite vegan tapas!

Key Words and Phrases

When you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to be able to communicate your needs when ordering food. To start our complete vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona, here’s a list of important keywords and phrases!

Yo soy vegano/a / vegetariano/a. I am vegan / I am vegetarian.

No como ni carne, ni pescado, ni huevos, ni productos lacteos. I don’t eat meat, fish, eggs or dairy products.

 ¿Me recomiendas algo rico por favor? Can you recommend something tasty, please?

Yo no puedo comer… I can’t eat…

Carne: Meat (typically refers to beef, but not always!)

Cerdo: Pork

Pescado: Fish

Marisco: Seafood

Leche: Milk

Queso: Cheese

Mantequilla: Butter

Nata: Cream

Huevo: Egg

Yo puedo comer… I can eat…

Verduras: Vegetables


Lentejas: Lentils

Soja: Soy

Leche de soja: Soy milk

Almendras: Almonds

Nueces: Walnuts

Frutos Secos: Nuts

Arroz: Rice

Aceite: Oil

Pan: Bread

Champiñones/Setas: Mushrooms

Espinaca: Spinach

Fruta: Fruit

Local’s Tip: Want to take a look inside one of our favorite markets in Barcelona? It’s a perfect place to stock up on some delicious fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarian Tapas

In Barcelona, you can almost always find a vegetarian tapa option close by. There are a lot of veggie-inspired dishes in Catalonia!

  • Truita: Vegetarians can’t go wrong with a delicious Spanish omelet. Tortilla de patatas is one of the most traditional versions, but you’ll likely find them also with espinacs (spinach) or carbassó (zucchini). Furthermore, make sure to visit Can Tosca in Gracia to try their house special tortilla with green garlic.
  • Patatas bravas: Found just about everywhere, patatas bravas are delicious. They consist of flash-fried potatoes topped with a spicy tomato and paprika sauce. Authentic patatas bravas in Barcelona will also come with a tasty garlic mayo known as alioli, but vegans should double check that theirs are sin alioli before digging in.
Our vegetarian food tours in Barcelona include many meatless options so guests who do not consume meat products can enjoy the best Spanish flavors. Get this and many more tips in our complete vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona!
Pa amb tomàquet, almonds and cheese—a vegetarian trifecta!

Vegan Tapas

Vegans will find lots of delicious plant-based vegan options in Barcelona.

  • Escalivada: This is one of the staple dishes of the Catalan diet. It’s a salad of roasted vegetables (think onions, eggplant and red peppers) served at room temperature with olive oil and vinegar. It usually comes with bread so mop up every last bit!
  • Pa amb tomàquet: Always a safe bet, this dish takes toast to a whole new level. Perfectly toasted bread is rubbed with fresh tomato, then sprinkled with salt and finally drizzled with high quality olive oil.
  • Pimientos de padrón: These fried green peppers are a real treat and can be found all over Barcelona. They come out of the kitchen with a slightly crispy skin, a tender interior and a dusting of sea salt!
  • Setas al ajillo: It’s easy to be vegan in Barcelona with mouth-watering veggie dishes like garlic-sautéed mushrooms. Including mushrooms, a healthy amount of olive oil, white wine and lots of garlic, setas al ajillo is one of the heartiest vegan dishes in Barcelona. This plate will often come with jamón, so make sure your waiter knows you want it sin el jamón, and you won’t have a problem!
  • Seasonal favorites: From delicious large roasted scallions (calçots) to artichokes (carxofes), Barcelona boasts wonderful seasonal produce. Make sure to check out the specials in any tapas bar or restaurant to see what’s in season when you visit.
Make sure to try out the artichokes in many tapas bars is one of our top tips in our vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona!
We just love the fried artichokes served at Bar del Pla in the Born! Yum!

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

If you’re looking for a place to sit down to enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal in Barcelona, these are our go-to spots! We suggest taking advantage of the lunchtime fixed-price menu, and fueling up with plenty of veggies to kick off your afternoon with lots of energy!

  • Teresa Carlos: A vegetarian restaurant (Carrer Jovellanos, 2) so delicious that many of its regulars aren’t vegetarians! Without a doubt, try the layered lasagna with cashew cheese. Need we say more?
  • Sesamo: No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without this place! Sesamo (Carrer de Sant Antoni de Abat, 52) offers seriously impressive plates of food worthy of any guest, vegetarian or otherwise. Try the full head of roasted cauliflower for a show-stopping treat.
  • Copasetic:  If you find yourself in historical Gothic Quarter, stop by Copasetic (Carrer Diputació, 55) for lunch. Here, you’ll find incredible breakfast and brunch options, and you can treat yourself to fresh-pressed juices and vegan desserts.
  • Picnic: This café (Carrer de Comerce, 1) has a calming, hippie vibe, and their menu of great food is extensive. We love their brunch menu, serving up incredible vegan pancakes and so much more.
  • Bistrot Rasoterra: Considered one of Barcelona’s best vegetarian restaurants, this place (Carrer Palau, 5) takes meat-free cuisine to another level. A gastronomic bistro that prides itself on the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients, they’re living proof that plant-based food doesn’t have to be boring.
Enjoy our top tips in our vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona!
Make sure to taste some of the many delicious veggie tapas on offer in Barcelona! Photo Credit: Misty Barker

Vegan and Vegetarian Shops

Even corner stores in Barcelona are starting to stock health-conscious options! For all the rest of your needs, you can stop by one of the following specialty shops in Barcelona. No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without mentioning these great little stores.

  • Eco Centre: Always a haven for vegans in Barcelona, Eco Centre (Avinguida Diagonal, 329) has everything you need to create your own vegan version of any dish. Not only that, but they also have a huge variety of everyday products for you to stock up on your favorites from home.
  • Veritas: Second on the list is one of our top places for vegan and vegetarian staples. Veritas (Via Laietana, 28) has everything! With stores dotted across the city, you’ll be able to stock up on all of the essentials!
  • El Corte Inglés: No matter where you are in Barcelona, you’re never far from a Corte Inglés. This trusty department store offers an expansive health food section.
It's all about good food and even better company! Learn more tips on how to order tapas in Barcelona! We hope you love our vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona
We’ve always got enough pimientos de padrón to go around!

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