The Complete Guide On How To Get Around Seville

Seville may be Spain’s fourth biggest city, but one of our favorite things about living here is how the great public transport options and pedestrianized city center make it so easy to maneuver!

While a huge chunk of the city can be seen on foot, the availability of taxis, buses and city bikes throughout Seville means you can save valuable time during your stay here, especially if you’re only in town for a quick weekend trip! And with so much to see in the south of Spain, the beautiful towns and cities nearby are also well-connected to the Andalusian capital, making the logistics of day trips that much easier! Check out this guide on how to get around Seville and get booking your trip to visit us!

If you're headed to Seville, we have great news: the city center is super walkable! But for those times when your feet are too tired to walk another step, you want to take a day trip to a nearby town, or you're visiting somewhere outside the historic center, this guide to transportation and getting around Seville is sure to come in handy! #travelguides #destinations #summertravel #seville #spain #europe

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Sometimes, after a long day’s traveling, you just want to get to your hotel as quickly as possible! Whether you arrive to Seville by plane, train or bus, there are always taxis available to take you to your accommodation and there is a flat rate of 25 euros on all taxis from the airport to the city. If you’ve booked a hotel in the city center or down the narrow streets of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, bear in mind that not all taxis will be able to make it right to your hotel door (the streets are THAT narrow!), but drivers will take you as close as possible and direct you the rest of the way.

Rather not worry about public transportation after a flight? Welcome Pickups has got you covered. After you reserve your private transfer online, you’ll get an email with your driver’s photo, contact details and the meeting point a few days before your flight, and once you arrive in Seville, they’ll be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. Drivers even monitor your flight status in case of delays. And all this comes at a comparable price to an airport taxi!

Insider’s Tip: Make sure to have small change for the taxi drivers, they typically won’t be able to break a 50 euro note for you!

Taxis in Seville

Photo Credit: ABC de Sevilla

City Bus

The bus system is definitely one of the most accessible forms of transport if you’re unsure how to get around Seville! You’ll find stops all over the city, but perhaps the most convenient lines are the circular C1, C2, C3 & C4 lines, which take you near some of the Seville’s most iconic monuments, as well as many of the museums and art galleries.

Also, if you don’t feel like forking out for a taxi from the airport, you can get the special EA airport bus for a flat fee of €4 to the city’s main bus station, Plaza de Armas. Buses leave roughly every 30 minutes.

Useful Info: Think you’ll be using the buses in Seville a lot during your stay? Head to an ‘estanco’ and purchase a ‘bono de autobuses’ which you can top up during your stay, this reduces your usual €1.40 ticket fee to just €0.70 per journey

City bus in Seville

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The Sevici rent-a-bike system has revolutionized inner-city commuting in Seville for both locals and visitors alike. With 2,500 bicycles available from 250 stations in the city, there’s always a city bike nearby. Short-term subscriptions are available for visitors at a cost of €13.33 (a deposit of €150 is required when you pay which is refunded in full at the end of your subscription).

These subscriptions can be bought at any of the sevici stations in the city. Once you’re all signed up, you get the first 30 minutes free and when your 30 minutes are up, it’s as simple as docking your current bike and taking out a new one for 30 minutes extra cycling fun!

Local Tip: When docking your bike at a Sevici station, make sure and wait to hear the beep to be sure it’s connected properly, walking away without hearing the beep may result in charges on your account!

Sevici bikes in Seville

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Inter-City Bus

Planning a day trip from Seville? The Plaza de Armas bus station, the city’s largest, has regular services to nearby cities such as Granada and Cordoba, but also lesser-travelled areas such as Huelva or the fascinating Roman town of Itálica, and there are also numerous services that take you across the border to Portugal. And if you’re visiting during the hot summer months, you can also hop on a bus and head to some of the stunning beaches near Seville.

Insider’s Tip: The main long-distance bus company in Spain, ALSA, has “Supra” and “Premium” buses which offer better comfort, invidual TV screens and even food and drinks service! 

The ALSA premium bus

Photo Credit: Viajar, Comer y Amar


The Cercanías train network in Spain is a fantastic means of stress-free inter-city travel to some of Andalusia’s most-loved destinations. On the Cercanías website, you can plan your journey to nearby gems such as Córdoba, Cadíz (home to a number of beautiful beaches) and Jerez, where Andalusian favorite sherry is made. The main cercanías station is Santa Justa, but you can also get trains from San Bernardo if you’re staying in very city center.

Inside scoop: Want to purchase your tickets ahead of time? Head to the cercanías office on Calle Zaragoza (right by Plaza Nueva in the center of the city) to purchase your tickets and avoid repeated journeys to the station. 

Cercanias local trains

Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure

High-Speed Train

Whether you’re beginning your Spanish adventure in Madrid or simply flying out of the capital, the most comfortable, and time-efficient, means of getting there from Seville is by high-speed train, or AVE as it’s known in Spain. There are regular services from Seville’s Santa Justa train station and the AVE will cut over an hour off your journey versus other inter-city trains, leaving you more time to enjoy some delicious food and drink when you arrive! You can even get the AVE from Seville to Barcelona and take in the beautiful Spanish scenery as you travel – sounds like fun to us!

Local’s Suggestion: Buy your tickets for the high-speed train in advance as they sell out fast, then just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The AVE high speed train

Photo Credit: Sandra Vallaure

On Foot!

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than doing things the old-fashioned way! Seville’s city center is mainly pedestrianized and extremely walkable, making taking in all the unmissable sights on foot an absolute breeze.

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        Hi Fritchie! We’d recommend the train or a flight from Barcelona to Seville. If you can spend more than one day in the city, it’s worth it! Once in town you can plan to walk around the center—it’s very walkable! Enjoy!

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