Beat The Cold With These Comfort Food Dishes in Seville

Dishes in Spain vary hugely from season to season, and when winter comes, it’s all about hearty food. These delicious comfort food dishes in Seville will keep the chill away this winter!

When the weather is cold, we naturally adjust our diet accordingly. While summer calls for delicious salmorejo and tinto de verano by the river, winter is when hearty meats and delicious stews take center stage. We love nothing more than sliding into a warm tapas bar to escape the cold. So, check out this list of amazing comfort food dishes in Seville and make the most of your winter visit to the city.

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Menudo Sevillano

The iconic menudo sevillano combines some of the areas best ingredients in one delicious dish. This tripe soup adds delicious Iberian ham, spicy chorizo and even occasionally some black pudding – it couldn’t be more hearty! Occasionally referred to as ‘callos’, if you see either on a menu in the city, don’t hesitate.

Where to find it: There are many places to find menudo, but Casa Morales (Calle García de Vinuesa, 11) wins for us. 

Montadito de Pringá

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that’s been to Spain before that we are huge pork lovers. But one of the greatest ways to enjoy pork in Seville is in a sandwich, and the montadito de pringá is the King of pork sandwiches. Born from the left-overs of a family pork stew, the pulled pork style filling often has chorizo, chickpeas and plenty of herbs mixed in. Traditionally a breakfast food, it’s definitely one of our favorite comfort food dishes in Seville!

Where to find it: Some of our favorite places for pringá include Bodega el Picadero (Calle Arguijo, 6) and Bodeguita Romero (Calle Harinas, 10).

Some of the best comfort food dishes in Seville are hearty and meaty, including the montadito de pringá!
The addictive pringá montadito


One of the most typical tapas you’ll find in Seville also doubles as delicious comfort food. This delicious tapa of slow-cooked pork cheeks, sometimes cooked for up to 8 or 9 hours, is a must-try in the city. Often done in a red-wine reduction sauce, served piping hot and accompanied with mashed or sliced potatoes, it couldn’t be more appropriate for those long winter evenings.

Where to find it: One of the best, most traditional carriladas in Seville is at Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo (Calle Teodosio, 53)

Espinacas con Garbanzos

Gloriously showing off the influence of the Moors on Spanish food, spinach and chickpeas is one of our favorite tapas in Seville. The stewed spinach mixed with chickpeas and delicious cumin is hearty and wholesome – comfort food at its best! Often served with a chunk of crispy dried bread, this is a staple at every tapas gathering.

Where to find it: La Taberna (Calle Gamazo, 6) is one of the stops on our food tours, and their spinach and chickpeas dish is a favorite among guests.

Piping hot and full of flavor, spinach and chickpeas is what comfort food dreams are made of in Seville!
The spinach and chickpeas at La Taberna shouldn’t be missed!


Croquetas are perhaps one of life’s greatest inventions and they’re especially good at winter. Croquettes are basically rolled leftovers, breadcrumbed, sealed with beschamél sauce and lightly fried. We’re especially big fans of ham croquettes, but you can also find chicken stew, shrimp, cod, and spinach croquettes – all delicious!

Where to find it: Ask any true local, and they’ll tell you the best croquettes in Seville are found at Casa Ricardo (Calle Hernán Cortes, 2).


Ask any local what they introduce to their diet in winter, and they’ll almost definitely say – lentejas! Every true Spanish abuela has a special way to do their lentil soup, but it’s almost always good. Perfect comfort food in Seville and a must-try if you’re here in winter! And the great news? It’s so easy to make it at home too!

Where to find it: Bar Kiko (Calle Herbolarios, 17) does one of the best tapas of lentejas we’ve ever had!

Occasionally with chorizo added in, a lentils stew is one of our favorite winter dishes in Seville!
A delicious bowl of lentils is the perfect way to combat the cold in Seville! Photo Credit: San Pascual’s Kitchen

Cola de Toro

Occasionally dressed as a croquette, you’ll find bull’s tail dishes all throughout Seville. For anyone who is hesitant, typically, bull’s tail will actually be ox tail (bull’s tail can be incredibly expensive), and it won’t be the meat from fighting bulls. This richer meat is often stewed for long periods of time, making it incredibly tender and tasty.

Where to find it: Sol y Sombra (Calle Castilla, 147) is a triumph in the Triana neighborhood that has both an amazing interior and delicious cola de toro.

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