Our Favorite Spots for Brunch in San Sebastian

We all know that San Sebastian is an absolute foodie paradise, but what about when it comes to brunch?

The answer is a resounding yes!

San Sebastian is home to some of the best food in the world, and that still rings true with the rising brunch trend. Though brunch is not exactly an age-old Basque tradition, as home to some of the most innovative cuisine in Europe, it only makes sense that San Sebastian has embraced this trendy mid-morning meal.

Here’s where you can find the best brunch in San Sebastian to start your weekend off right.

best brunch in San Sebastian

Keep in mind that San Sebastian is quite a small city, so it’s not overly saturated with trendy brunch spots like larger urban destinations in Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona. However, while the selection may be small, rest assured that these spots are top quality—they kind of have to be if they want to stand out in such a famous foodie city, after all!

Where to get brunch in San Sebastian

La Madame

La Madame‘s innovative American-style menu—complete with plenty of European influence—has made it a hotspot among locals and visitors alike.

On Saturdays and Sundays, they pay tribute to their gastronomic inspiration by offering a hearty brunch menu that would look right at home in the States. Brunch classics like huevos rancheros and French toast stand alongside Spanish favorites such as crispy churros.

This is easily one of the most diverse offerings for brunch in San Sebastian and a must on weekends. It is quite popular, so be sure to call ahead and reserve your spot to make sure you don’t miss out.

French toast on a plate with fresh berries and a cup of coffee
Sometimes you just need to start your day with French toast.


You don’t need to be a guest at the beachfront Hotel Niza to enjoy Narru, the lovely onsite bar and restaurant that’s home to some of the best brunch in San Sebastian. In fact, they don’t advertise themselves as a brunch spot and likely won’t know what you’re talking about if you go in and ask about “brunch.”

However, their menu features several incredible options every brunch fan will love. From a deconstructed tortilla de patatas topped with jamón to rich, delicious torrijas (Spain’s answer to French toast), everything here follows the simple Basque culinary secret of using simple, local ingredients to create amazing dishes.

Narru is one of the city's best kept secrets when it comes to brunch in San Sebastian. Don't miss the torrijas!
Three different yet equally delicious flavors of torrijas!

Ambigu Estación

Don’t miss this lovely little cafe in the shadow of Mercado de la Bretxa. Ambigu Estación may be small, but offers plenty of variety in terms of both traditional and modern, local and international dishes.

The quirky decoration and laid back vibe make this spot a unique place to enjoy some of the best breakfast and brunch in San Sebastian. Think everything from amazingly decadent homemade cakes to freshly squeezed natural juices. Best of all, they prepare everything using only the finest local, seasonal ingredients for optimum quality.

Sometimes the best brunch in San Sebastian is the simplest: coffee and toast!
You can never go wrong with a classic coffee and toast!

MQC Cafe

A true local spot serving artisan pastries and one of the best tortillas in San Sebastian, MQC Cafe is a must for brunch fans who want to get off the beaten path. It’s tucked away just on the edge of the Old Town where few tourists wander.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll immediately feel at home. Their incredibly friendly staff will be more than happy to recommend one of their homemade cakes and pastries (it can be hard to choose!). If you stop by later in the day, they also offer a fabulous wine selection.

Old Town Coffee

Opened by two Brazilian friends with a shared passion for incredible coffee, Old Town Coffee isn’t just a great place to try locally roasted specialty cafés (though those are great, too). They also serve up some incredible brunch options, including our favorite avocado toast in town. It’s a pretty small space, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in flavor and atmosphere ten times over.

Avocado toast with egg
Perfect avocado-egg toast.

Le Comidare

Scandinavian-inspired Le Comidare fits right in with the trendy vibe in Gros just across the bridge from the Old Town. Serving local products with an international touch, it’s home to the best bagels in the city and an incredible Sunday brunch. Just be sure to call ahead and book so you can guarantee your spot!

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