Beyond Barcelona: Another Side to Spain

There is so much to love about Barcelona, and it’s no wonder why the city is one of the most popular destinations in Spain. But, as much as we love Barcelona, there is so much more to discover in this incredible country we call home…

This fall, Devour will be taking off on its first multiple-day trip, exploring the beautiful region of Andalusia in the south of Spain. And why the south of Spain? There are too many reasons to count!

Discover the beautiful south of Spain with us on Devour Andalusia, a 9 day journey through the food, customs, culture and history of this area!

The Rich Andalusian Culture

Diving into the deep south of Spain is like taking a trip to the past. Andalusia is home to some of the most famous cultural traditions of Spain, such as the mysterious art form of flamenco and the original Spanish tapas. But of course, the true essence of southern Spain is in the small details of everyday life: colorful markets and squares where locals gather and socialize; hole-in-the-wall bars where older gentlemen sip glasses of sherry and play cards; the quiet hours of the afternoon when shops close up for siesta. The culture of southern Spain can only be understood by experiencing it firsthand.

Check out Devour Tours' multiple-day trip through southern Spain!
Learn all about the mysterious art form of flamenco on our nine-day trip through Andalusia!

Incredible Gastronomy

The beauty of Spanish cuisine lies in its simplicity: fresh ingredients, timeless recipes, and classic combinations. From a perfectly cooked Spanish tortilla to perfectly sliced jamón, the traditional flavors of Spain are some of the best in the world. On Devour Andalusia, we will tour a ham-curing facility and learn all about how the world-famous Spanish Iberian ham is made. Also on the agenda is a visit to an extra virgin olive oil mill to debunk all the myths surrounding what many Spaniards call “liquid gold”. During the trip, we will shop at the famous fish market of Barbate, and learn about the local almadraba fishing process, before immersing ourselves in a hands-on cooking class. And throughout the nine days, we will eat at some of the best traditional and modern tapas bars and restaurants in the region.

Incredible gastronomy is just one thing to love about the south of Spain!
Discover the incredible gastronomy of this part of Spain!

…And Incredible Wine!

Did you know that Spain is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world? With 69 different recognized wine regions, there is so much to explore and discover! And the south of Spain is no exception. Throughout this multi-day trip through southern Spain, immerse yourself into the world of Spanish wine with your two guides, both certified sommeliers.

Discover some of the best wines of southern Spain on this multiple day tour!
Sherry is one of the most misunderstood wines in the world! And it’s just one you will “re-discover” on this tour.

Unique History and Architecture

What’s fascinating about Andalusia is its melting pot of cultures. Over the centuries, the south of Spain has been shaped and molded by Jews, Muslims, and Christians, each leaving a legacy of their own. The result is a uniquely exotic style that is absolutely magical.

Check out the beautiful architecture of the south of Spain on this Andalusian tour!
Gorgeous architecture abounds in cities like Seville!

Check out this magical side of Spain on this fall’s multiple-day tour, Devour Andalusia!

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