Indulge Your Sweet Tooth: Where to Find the Best Torrijas in Seville

Move over, French toast—here in Seville, it’s all about the torrijas!

We’re all about indulging in traditional desserts when we travel. For visitors to Seville, there’s no sweet treat that beats torrijas. This scrumptious treat consists of slices of bread soaked in eggs as well as milk or wine. Then, the bread is fried to perfection and topped off with honey, whipped cream or cinnamon sugar. (We’re getting a major torrijas craving just thinking about them!) If you want to partake in this delicious tradition while you’re here, head to one of these places to find the best torrijas in Seville!

Looking for the best torrijas in Seville? Here's where to find this Spanish take on French toast all year round, as well as during the traditional period of Holy Week!

Photo Credit: Restaurante Granero, Text Overlay: Devour Seville Food Tours

Torrijas available year-round

Torrijas are typically enjoyed before and during Holy Week. However, many restaurants and pastry shops have realized that sevillanos wouldn’t say no to eating the sweet delicacy all year round. Plenty of places have started to feature them on dessert menus throughout the year. If you’re looking for the best torrijas in Seville outside of the Easter season, here’s where you’ll find them!

If you're looking for the best torrijas in Seville, come during Holy Week—or check out the dessert menu of a trendy restaurant, which often serve these treats year-round!
Good things come in threes, like these different yet equally delicious flavors of torrijas!

Perro Chiko

A cozy cafe and bar tucked away in the shadows of Las Setas, Perro Chiko serves some of the best torrijas in Seville in a trendy and hip setting. Here, traditional Spanish classics take on new life with modern twists, and the same holds true with their torrijas. Made with brioche bread and topped with a hearty scoop of panna cotta ice cream, this rich and indulgent treat will be something you’ll keep dreaming about long after you leave Seville.

Address: Calle Regina, 2

El Pintón

Time-honored tradition meets flourishing modernity at El Pintón. The bright, modern space just a stone’s throw from the Giralda is home to pleasantly surprising contemporary twists on Mediterranean classics. For dessert, you absolutely can’t go wrong with their brioche torrijas, served with turrón-flavored ice cream. It’s the perfect way to experience two favorite Spanish treats in one delicious dessert!

Address: Calle Francos, 42

We’re obsessed with El Pintón’s graceful interior. Just imagine enjoying rich, delicious torrijas in such a beautiful setting! Photo credit: Juan Delgado/@krestadesign for El Pintón


From its privileged location right on Seville’s Plaza Nueva, Seis does things right when it comes to modern tapas. That same philosophy carries over to their dessert menu, which features a delicious twist on traditional torrijas. Specific styles and flavors change seasonally along with the rest of their menu, but range from cookie-cake style to dulce de leche to toffee. And of course, they come served with a side of ice cream for the ultimate indulgence!

AddressPlaza Nueva, 7

The best torrijas in Seville usually come with a side of ice cream when you order them as dessert!
The only thing that could make torrijas even better: ice cream! Photo credit: Javier Lastras


Named after the city’s original moniker, Ispal transports you on a culinary journey through Seville through its rich and varied traditional menu. Their dishes are made with 100 percent local products from all over the province. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with their delectably indulgent torrijas. Served warm and caramelized with Pedro Ximénez toffee and orange blossom ice cream, it captures the essence of Seville on one delicious plate.

AddressPlaza San Sebastián, 1

Some of the best torrijas in Seville are on the dessert menu at Ispal, a beautiful restaurant specializing in 100% sevillano cuisine.
Come to Ispal for the exquisite local cuisine, stay for the stunning atmosphere and beautiful decor. Photo credit: Manolo Manosalbas for Ispal

Torrijas available during Lent

Traditionally, torrijas are associated with Lent. Some of the best bakeries in the city set to work throughout this 40-day period leading up to Easter, preparing and serving the best torrijas in Seville. If you happen to be in town during this time, head to one of these spots to try an Easter-season classic!

La Dulcería Triana

As one of French pastry chef Manu Jara’s three outstanding bakeries in the city, La Dulcería Triana proudly prepares some of the best torrijas in Seville. Here, the artisanal treats come two different ways: soaked in Montilla-Moriles wine (similar to sherry) and covered in honey, or soaked in milk and covered with sugar. You can’t go wrong either way—you might just have to try both!

AddressCalle Pureza, 5

Some of the best torrijas in Seville can only be enjoyed during Semana Santa. Plan accordingly!
Wine-soaked torrijas slathered with honey—our mouths are watering! Photo credit: El Noeliarcado

Confitería La Campana

La Campana has made a name for itself as the home to some of the best torrijas in Seville. In fact, theirs are so beloved that in the past few years, they’ve started serving them a few weeks before Lent even begins! They’ve been following the same recipe for over a century, so they must be doing something right. Their bread is homemade on-site and soaked first in a brine made with water, wine and salt. After frying the slices, they get soaked again in a syrup made with honey and sugar. Who could say no to that?

AddressCalle Sierpes, 1-3

El Cachorro

For more than 60 years, this humble family-run bakery has taken pride in preparing their torrijas with only the finest local products. El Cachorro uses ingredients fresh from the market in preparing their homemade treats. Fried in local olive oil and covered with honey from the mountains north of Seville, the final product will truly melt in your mouth. And for something extra indulgent, you can’t go wrong with their chocolate torrijas, either!

AddressAvenida de Pino Montano, 33

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