5 Epic Pork Sandwiches in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on January 26, 2015, and was updated on March 23, 2017.

Pork is a central part of the diet in Spain and there are a variety of inventive ways to get your fill of pork while traveling here. That said, you can’t beat the classic – the pork sandwich.

Seville is a city famous for its sandwiches, most often served in their mini montadito version. The best sandwiches in Seville tend to involve pork, although there is also plenty of variety available for seafood lovers and even vegetarians.

During our time here, we’ve sampled all of the best-loved sandwiches available in the city. (A tough job, but somebody has to do it!) Here are our picks for the best pork sandwiches in Seville. Each one is so epic, you may never leave!


1. The Classic: Serranito de Cerdo

A perfectly seared piece of pork loin is topped with salty Serrano ham and a grilled green pepper. Some establishments take things a step further, adding in fresh tomato, scrambled egg and garlic aioli sauce. This is all sandwiched between perfectly toasted bread for a creation that makes sevillanos proud. You can also get this delicious sandwich made with chicken – but it’s not quite the same!

The classic seranito sandwich, seen here filled with egg and tomato, as well as ham and pork, is a local favorite and most definitely one of the most epic sandwiches in Seville
The glorious serranito sandwich is incredibly popular among locals

2. The Perfect Pairing: Montadito de Cabrales con Lomo

Thinly sliced pork is combined with the intense flavor of Cabrales cheese, a natural blue cheese from Asturias in northern Spain. The two ingredients couldn’t be better paired and go perfectly with a glass of crisp chilled manzanilla sherry.

Just seeing the cabrales cheese melting over a base of thinly sliced pork and sitting on some delicious fresh bread makes us hungry, one of the best sandwiches in Seville
The intense flavor of melted Cabrales cheese marries perfectly with the pork in this sandwich

3. Mama’s Cooking: Montadito de Pringá

Oh pringá, how we love you so! This sandwich is infinitely better in Seville than in any other city in Spain (where you often can’t even find it!) It’s made with the leftovers from puchero (a popular stew in Seville) and may contain pork, chicken, blood sausage, chorizo, and lard. The recipe varies depending on the person making it, and you’ll often see places selling it by name: “Aunt Mary’s Pringá” or “Grandma’s Pringá”. It sounds like a heart attack on a plate but is an absolute must-try sandwich in Seville.

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Pringá is a hugely popular sandwich, the traditional filling of leftovers from the previous nights stew may not look very appealing, but it tastes incredible on super fresh, lightly toasted bread.
The addictive pringá montadito, one bite and you will be hooked!

4. The Flamboyant: Mantecado de Cerdo

Another pork filled delight, this sandwich is named after the popular lard-based Christmas sweet, the mantecado, because of its melt-in-your-mouth creamy whiskey and garlic sauce. A beast of a sandwich, your bread comes stuffed with grilled pork loin, creamy whiskey sauce, and even french fries! This is comfort food at its finest. Although it may look quite simple, the explosive flavor of the sauce makes it one of our favorite sandwiches in Seville.

The combination of porkloin and whisky sauce along with a helping of french fries stuffed into the mantecado sandwich makes it the perfect comfort food, definitely one of our favorite sandwiches in Seville
The secret is in the sauce!

5. The Don Juan: Piripi

This is another of the city’s most popular montaditos. It’s stuffed with pork, bacon, cheese, tomato and mayonnaise. There’s nothing more satisfying than a couple of these with a cold beer – the perfect snack, be it morning, noon or night!

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