Our Favorite Lisbon Restaurants by Neighborhood: Príncipe Real

There’s always a reason to visit Príncipe Real. Whether you’re popping by for the weekly organic market, or grabbing a drink at the coolest cocktail bars in town, this is the place to be.

When Queen Maria II named this area “Royal Prince” (Príncipe Real), she had no idea this would turn out to be one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Lisbon.

Surrounded by 19th-century mansions, Príncipe Real is now the hub of local design shops. Through the years, several Portuguese chefs set up their business here too.

If you want to know the best restaurants in Príncipe Real, this list has everything you need, from hidden gems to fine dining!

Discover the best restaurants Príncipe Real has to offer in this guide to dining out in Lisbon's trendiest neighborhood.

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1. Loucos de Lisboa

It’s not easy to find Loucos de Lisboa, but once you do, we promise you’ll want to come back over and over again.

Inside, there’s a speakeasy vibe, with the dim lighting, mismatch furniture and jazz music playing in the background.

At Loucos de Lisboa, everything revolves around Portuguese petiscos. There’s a variety of local cheeses, the flaming chorizo, and our all-time favorite, the pica-pau (little meat chunks).

To wash it all down, there’s God’s juice, by which they mean, wine. Each wine has a short description on the menu to help you make up your mind, or you can follow our advice and go straight for the Alentejo wine.

Looking for the best restaurants in Príncipe Real? If so. head to Loucos de Lisboa, a hidden gem that specializes in Portuguese petiscos.
Loucos de Lisboa is one of the few hidden gems in Lisbon. Photo credit: acrushon___

2. Frangasqueira Nacional

If there’s one thing Portuguese people eat more than salt cod, it’s chicken, especially barbecued chicken.

We call it Frango no Churrasco, and you’ll see signs of it all over Lisbon. Our favorite spot to eat chicken in Príncipe Real is Frangasqueira Nacional.

We love their chicken with Piri-Piri sauce, but you can also order it with butter.

There aren’t many places to sit inside, so follow the locals lead, and order takeaway! You can always do a picnic at Jardim do Príncipe Real, which is just around the corner.

Looking for the best restaurants in Príncipe Real? Try the barbequed chicken at Frangasqueira Nacional, a local's favorite.
Frango no Churrasco, aka barbequed chicken, is probably the most popular takeaway dish in Lisbon. Photo credit: weina_

3. A Cevicheria

It’s hard to walk past A Cevicheria without noticing the crowd outside—that, and the giant octopus hanging above the restaurant.

No one waits empty-handed, though; you can order a beer, wine, or pisco sour cocktails while you’re in the queue.

Chef Kiko has created a series of ceviches exclusively for Cevicheria. Among them, there is a Portuguese version with cod and tremoços (Lupin beans). Just a heads up, if you order a beer in Portugal, you’re likely to get these with it!

If you want more than ceviches, we recommend their surf & turf sandwiches, a delicious mix of pork belly, shrimp, and sweet potato bread.

Insider’s tip: They don’t accept reservations, so make sure to arrive early!

Looking for the best restaurants in Príncipe Real? Head over to Cevicheria, the home of ceviches in Lisbon.
A Cevicheria serves ceviches with a Portuguese twist. Photo credit: lauramaymoseley

4. O Asiático

Some people travel the world and bring back postcards, others, open their own restaurants.

When Chef Kiko returned from his travels, he opened a series of restaurants in Lisbon, including O Asiático.

As the name suggests, this restaurant is all about Asian cuisine, but you can also spot a few Portuguese influences in there. Try the Atlantic Mackerel nigiri or the Vietnamese noodles with Algarve prawn, for example.

The prices are a bit high, but it’s worth it for the experience. Keep in mind that the dishes are made to share!

Looking for the best restaurants in Príncipe Real? Try O Asiático, an Asian-inspired restaurant with a few Portuguese influences.
The dishes at O Asiático are meant to be shared. Photo credit: araquelleitao

5. Atalho Real

It’s not every day you get to eat prime steak in an old Lisbon palace. But that’s what you’ll get here.

From Black Angus to Wagyu, Atalho Real is a true paradise for meat lovers.

After choosing your favorite cut, you’ll have to decide how to eat it—on a plate, or with bread. This last one comes just like the prego, the traditional Portuguese steak sandwich.

If the weather is nice, you can have your meal on the terrace which overlooks Lisbon’s Botanical Garden.

Insider’s tip: The restaurant is usually quite busy, so make sure to book a table in advance.

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