Where to Find the Best Pastries in Florence

Florence is known for its meat dishes and savory schiacciata. But even travelers with the sweetest sweet tooth can find delicious pastries in this city. Today, we’re sinking our teeth into the best pastries in Florence!

Wooden plate with two Italian cornetti pastries and a cappucino
Whether filled with pastry cream, jam, or chocolate, we love cornetti! Photo credit: Andrea Riezzo

Cornetteria Notte

You’re probably already familiar with French croissants. But in Florence, we call them cornetti. And they’re so much better than croissants because they have a filling. You read that right: you can have a cornetto with custard cream, apricot jam, Nutella or even pistachio cream.

Our favorite place to get one of these is Cornetteria Notte (Via delle Pinzochere), one of the best secret bakeries in Florence.


Do you want a coffee with a view? Then Scudieri can’t be beat. The place has the most spectacular view in Florence: it’s right in Piazza Duomo, in front of the Baptistry and the cathedral.

If you ask any Florentine where they can find the best pastries in Florence, they’ll definitely tell you that this is the place.

On Sunday morning, Florentines who live in the city center (which are not that many) meet here with friends and family. This beloved spot is a bit on the pricey side, but it has the best pastries in Florence and. Don’t miss the special Florentine pastries such as ricciarelli and cantucci.

The treats at Scudieri are what pastry dreams are made of. Photo credit: Justin Ennis

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Antico Caffè Torino

Antico Caffè Torino is a little bit outside the city center, but it’s another place to find the best pastries in Florence.

We recommend stopping here for breakfast or for a snack in the afternoon. And the bakery has a nice outdoor patio where you can enjoy watching Florentines going about their lives.

Their secret weapon? The chocolate millefoglie, hands-down one of the best pastries in Florence!

Cantucci di San Lorenzo

Cantucci aren’t pastries: but they’re definitely worth a trying. They’re almond biscuits that marry perfectly with vin santo, a sweet wine.

At Cantucci di San Lorenzo, though, they’re just beautifully crafted… and there’s a twist. You can try cantucci covered in chocolate, cantucci with peanuts instead of almonds, cantucci with olives… well, basically, cantucci with everything you can imagine.

Even if they aren’t proper “pastries” as you know them, they certainly deserve a special place in your heart. Don’t be shy: let cantucci win you over!

Glass of amber colored liquid with hard almond biscuits
Cantucci with vin santo? Don’t mind if we do! Photo credit: Pug Girl


If you come to Florence in winter, you may find one of the best traditional pastries in Florence: frittella di riso. It’s basically rice boiled in sweet milk, then fried and watered with rum.

Where can you find the best ones? At Robiglio: another historical place in Florence. But let’s face it, at Robiglio, all the pastries are the best pastries in Florence.

Pasticceria Nencioni

Pasticceria Nencioni is a dream come true.  And it has one of the widest choice of pastries in Florence, so you can even go wild and try something savory.

• If you’re Team Sweet, you have to try their sacher torte.
• If you’re Team Savory, you really need to savor their assorted puff pastries.

Window display of trays of different sweet pastries
Pasticceria Nencioni has some of the largest selection of pastries in Florence. Photo credit: Larry Lamsa

Galleria Iginio Massari

Are you looking for something more elevated for your pastries? Here’ the place you can’t miss: Galleria Iginio Massari. The head baker here is a renowned pastry chef, and we love him. His popularity has spread worldwide, so be prepared to pay for it.

Needless to say that everything here comes straight from heaven’s kitchen – they must have kitchens in heaven, right?

But you should definitely try maritozzo: brioche filled with custard and whipped cream. Maritozzo comes from Rome, but the Florentines have made it even better.

A Final Reminder

Pastries in Florence are perfect at every time of the day… but you probably won’t find bakeries open after dinnertime. And remember: the earlier you come in the morning, the fresher the ingredients are!

You’re now ready to explore the best pastries in Florence… and to choose which one are your favorites.

Tray of pastries including canoli, flaky pastries and green tarts
Take our word for it – Florence has plenty of delicious pastries! Photo credit: Valentina Locatelli

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