Best Brunch in Madrid: Bring on the Weekend!

This blog post was originally posted on July 4, 2015  and was updated on December 11, 2017.

After you’ve spent a few days exploring Madrid, nothing is better than sleeping in and enjoying a delicious brunch. From traditional dishes to gastronomic delights, Madrid has an endless selection of brunches. To aid you in your search, we have created a definitive list of the best brunch in Madrid.

While brunch is a weekend staple for many Americans, the brunch craze has only recently touched ground in Madrid, and madrileños are smitten. To brunchear (or to brunch) has quickly become a trend and is a delectable way to begin your day in the sunny capital. As a result, there are so many places to choose from for weekend brunch, and we are here to help you on where to find the best brunch in Madrid.

The best of brunch: pancakes from Little Big Cafe, Toast Cafe and Mür Café
Who can say no to a stack of pancakes for brunch? Photo credit: hedvigs

Best Pancakes

Panela & Co.

Panela & Co. offers one of the most delicious and affordable brunches in the city. You can enjoy healthy breakfast options such as smoothies and acai bowls as well as American pancakes and Belgian waffles.  But, the pancakes are the true star here! Choose from flavors such as chocolate chip and red velvet. 

Address: Calle López De Hoyos, 10

The Little Big Cafe

This cute cafe has oatmeal pancakes that are sure to brighten up your day! Be sure to try Little Big Cafe‘s wide selection of teas and coffee for a caffeine boost to get you going. You’ll see why it’s on our list of best brunch in Madrid!

Address: Calle de Fernández de los Rios, 61

Toast Cafe

Toast Cafe is the perfect place to fall in love. With pancakes, that is! They are light, fluffy and topped with fresh fruit or even chocolate. Add a mimosa, and you’re ready to take on your day.

Address: Calle de Fernando el Católico, 50

The perfect way to start the day - Best of Brunch in Madrid!
Nothing beats the perfect breakfast in the perfect city! Photo by Jon Mountjoy.

Best Eggs Benedict in Madrid

La Habanera

Inspired by the spirit of Habana, this trendy spot is known for its delicious eggs Benedict filled with Latin flavor. Instead of an English muffin, the base is a plantain arepa topped with spicy ground beef and poached eggs. Add in their rich hollandaise sauce, and you have the perfect start to a perfect day in Madrid. 

Address: Calle de Génova, 28

Mür Café

For a more rustic approach to eggs Benedict, Mür Café serves them with crispy, roasted potatoes. Be sure to top your meal off with a sweet treat and some coffee or tea. No need to rush brunch—Mür Café is the perfect hideaway to get cozy, read a book and enjoy your day off.

Address: Plaza Cristino Martos, 2

Carmencita Bar

This is where you want to go after a long night of tapas and cañas. It’s easy to see why many consider Carmencita Bar to offer the best brunch in Madrid. They offer €1 mimosas, as well as a classic eggs Benedict that is both decadent and affordable. You can choose from bacon, avocado or smoked salmon, and it comes with a side of hash browns or crispy potatoes. What else do you need for a great weekend brunch?

Address: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 51

A delicious tostada easily makes our "Best of Brunch" list. You can't go wrong!
Nothing says Spanish breakfast like a tostada!

Best Tostadas in Madrid

Pum Pum Café

Tucked away in the diverse neighborhood of Lavapiés, this café is a must for any vegetarian or anyone who loves fresh and delicious food. Their brunch options include everything from zucchini bread to muesli bowls. But what they are really known for are their tostadas. You can choose from the classic pan con tomate, avocado toast or even an eggs Benedict toast. Simple and delicious!

Address: Calle del Tribulete, 6


This staple restaurant in Malasaña is the ultimate place to enjoy a long brunch with friends. Ojalá is light and colorful, and even has a “beach patio” on the ground floor where guests are welcome to enjoy drinks and relax in the sand. Their affordable tostada platters come with a variety of toppings such as smoked salmon, poached eggs or Spanish chorizo, and are served with freshly squeezed juice and coffee. 

Address: Calle de San Andrés, 1

Hanso Café 

Owned by a Chinese- Spanish family, this café puts a twist on your classic tostada. This is the place to go beyond a simple Spanish breakfast. Try edamame avocado toast topped with miso and bean sprouts, or even a peanut butter, banana and honey toast. Don’t forget to order a coffee and something sweet to top off a yummy brunch!

Address: Calle del Pez, 20

Best cafés in Madrid
Wherever you decide to have breakfast in Madrid, you’re sure to find cafe con leche!

Best Café con Leche in Madrid

Santa Eulalia

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, but still right in the city center, Santa Eulalia is sweet getaway where you can enjoy coffee and scrumptious pastries. From chocolate orange croissants to classic macarons, there are endless options to choose from to pair with your café con leche.

Address: Calle Espejo, 12

Toma Café

This hip café is a great way to start your morning off right. Toma Café‘s strong, freshly ground coffee is a hit among locals and visitors alike. This place is a coffee lover’s dream, and their café con leche is what gets us out of the bed in the morning. Go for the coffee, and stay for the relaxed vibes. 

Address: Calle de la Palma, 49


The creative neighborhood of Lavapiés is overflowing with charming cafés, but none are as enchanting as Cafelito. This café has classic Spanish breakfast and pastries but is widely known for their perfect café con leche. This cute place also serves as an event space in Lavapiés, hosting poetry readings and open mic nights. Whether you order a café con leche, bombón or a slice of their delicious cake, Cafelito is a great choice.

Address: Calle del Sombrerete, 20

Have a glass of sunshine with a mid-morning smoothie!

Best Smoothies in Madrid

Fit Food

Everything about Fit Food is simply refreshing. Health nuts agree they have the best brunch in Madrid due to the fact that they offer a plethora of healthy and tasty options. Choose from an array of dishes like acai bowls topped with pineapple and coconut, or clean desserts like brownie bites and matcha truffles. Their range of smoothies and juices are overflowing with energizing and flavorful ingredients. From the antioxidant-filled “Blue Beauty” smoothie with blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds to the immune system booster “Popeye,” you’ll have plenty to choose from at Fit Food.

Address: Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 28

Federal Café

This Aussie-inspired cafe is a haven for foodies and health junkies alike. Try Federal‘s Green Tommy Smoothie with apple, cucumber, chia seeds and celery to give your morning a jolt of freshness. For something sweeter, go for their delicious pomegranate smoothie. Pair with a bowl of oatmeal, fruit salad or even a slice of cake. 

Address:  Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9 


At Origen Taste The World, you must order a fresh juice or smoothie! With ingredients sourced from around the globe, make your morning pick-me-up a unique one with fruit like lychee or guava. This is a local spot and for good reason. All of the smoothies and juices are made to order, and ingredients are always fresh.

Address: Calle Maldonadas 7 

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