Our 8 Favorite Italian Restaurants in Lisbon

Italian food is always a good idea—even in Lisbon.

Which is the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon? The good news is that there are many. And while Portuguese food is amazing, no one can be blamed for craving some authentic pizza, pasta or risotto (and more). Ask a local the name of the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon, and you may hear one of the following eight spots on this list.

The food in Lisbon is amazing—and not just the Portuguese food! Would you believe that some of the best Italian restaurants around can be found right here in Portugal? Make time in your itinerary for at least one of the restaurants from our complete guide. #italian #portugal #lisbon #restaurants #wheretoeat

1. Retrogusto84

Pizza-lovers, take note: this Sicilian-style pizzeria, with about 30 topping combinations, is tucked away in Lisbon’s melting pot neighborhood called Intendente. If you’re craving pizza for lunch, visit on Friday or Saturday between 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Otherwise, visit in the evenings because Retrogusto84 is open from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day of the week (except Tuesdays when it closes). And even though the pizza is the main reason to visit Retrogusto84, don’t forget to sample one (or more) of their tasty cannolis.

best Italian restaurant Lisbon margherita pizza
Delicious margherita pizza is just the tip of the Italian foodie iceberg.

2. Casanova

What about eating your pizza with a view of the river? Casanova is another popular pizzeria that is located by the Tagus River and in front of the Santa Apolónia train/metro station. Sneak a peek at the cooks twirling the dough into shape as you make your way to your seat. As for seating, you can choose to stay in the bright indoor dining room or the lovely, plant-covered terrace. Don’t worry about sharing at Casanova either. The thin-crust pizzas are individually sized. Casanova is a great choice when you’re looking for a restaurant in the Alfama neighborhood.

best Italian restaurant Lisbon pizza ingredients
Enjoy fresh ingredients that reflect the best of Italy.

3. In Bocca al Lupo Pizzeria Bio Trattoria

In Bocca al Lupo is an Italian idiom for wishing someone luck on stage, but in Lisbon, it stands for the city’s first 100% organic-style pizzeria (as mentioned on the restaurant’s website). Also, In Bocca al Lupo is perhaps the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon for people with food allergies. Along with fully organic recipes, the menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Local tip: Call ahead to order off the gluten-free menu. And don’t forget to review the menu in advance if you’re traveling on a budget.

4. Mercantina

For a taste of Naples in Lisbon, make your way to Mercantina. Just keep in mind that there are two locations. For a tasty meal while taking a break from sightseeing, visit the Chiado restaurant. Or, venture off the tourist-beaten path to Alvalade where you’ll be surrounded by locals. At Mercantina, everything comes from Naples, from the fresh ingredients to the wood oven. You’ll be swimming in choices for pizzas and plates of pasta, but Mercantina’s menu includes seafood entrees and a long list of appetizers like crostini, bruschetta, and focaccia. Glance through the risottos on the menu too.

best Italian restaurant Lisbon Mercantina
Mercantina is a family-friendly restaurant too.
Photo credit: Mercantina

5. Santa Clara dos Cogumelos

Are you someone who can never get enough of mushrooms? If you answer yes, this option is for you. Cogumelos is the Portuguese word for mushrooms, and they are the theme at Santa Clara dos Cogumelos. The mushroom-packed menu mixes Italian with international cuisines into a global hybrid. Perhaps it’s not 100% Italian, but Santa Clara dos Cogumelos is a delightful find for adventurous foodies. This laid-back and unique restaurant is in São Vicente, in the same spot where you’ll find the historic Feira da Ladra flea market on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

6. Casanostra

Charming and bright, Casanostra has been a go-to Italian restaurant in Bairro Alto since opening in 1986. Visit for the authentic Italian dishes, the friendly ambiance, and the varied menu. After filling up on a hearty and delicious meal, head out and explore Bairro Alto’s famous nightlife.

Local tip: If you’re not sure what to try, the lasagna is a commonly favorite choice.

best Italian restaurant Lisbon Casanostra
Castanostra is a charming and welcoming Italian restaurant in Bairro Alto.
Photo credit: Casanostra

7. Come Prima

You may want to call and make a reservation when heading to Come Prima for dinner. Not only is it considered the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon by many locals, but it’s situated in the nightlife-friendly Santos neighborhood (making it an excellent first stop before enjoying Lisbon’s nightlife). This is a great restaurant for travelers who don’t mind spending a little more for a full menu. Groups may also enjoy their own special room and group menu. Whether you want pizza, spaghetti, antipasti, ravioli, or risotto, Come Prima is the place to go with something for everyone.

Local tip: Call to make a reservation if you’re looking to book with a group.

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8. Lamassa – Fresh Handmade Pasta

Finally, Lamassa – Fresh Homemade Pasta may be the best Italian restaurant in Lisbon near some of the best Lisbon beaches. It’s actually located in Estoril, a resort town neighboring ritzy Cascais. Despite Estoril’s stylish ambiance, Lamassa’s setting is casual and cozy. As you probably deduced from the name, the pasta at Lamassa is fresh and comes from a homemade recipe. Although the entire menu is mouthwatering, the ravioli is especially popular. For a minute, you may even forget that you’re in Lisbon and not in Italy.

best Italian Restaurant Lisbon fresh pasta
Enjoy fresh handmade pasta at Lamassa in Estoril.

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