The 5 Best Places for Coffee in Lisbon: Our Go-to List for Your Caffeine Fix

There comes a point when every traveler needs a good dose of caffeine—luckily, Lisbon delivers.

The steep streets of Portugal’s capital provide endless opportunities for exploring. In fact, there’s so much to see that it can be overwhelming—and exhausting. But don’t let that stop you.

If you want to see and do as much as possible, you might need a little pick-me-up; we suggest tracking down some of the best coffee in Lisbon. These specialty cafés offer high-quality, expertly brewed beverages that will give you the energy to take on the city.

Lisbon takes its caffeine seriously—after all, Portugal was once the world's largest producer of coffee! While you're in town, you're not going to want to miss these great cafes and coffee shops. We put together a guide of our favorites, where not only is the coffee delicious; the cafes themselves are so beautiful, you won't be able to resist posting your photos of them on Instagram. #lisbon #portugal #travel #coffee #cafe #europe #instagram

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Top 5 places for the best coffee in Lisbon

Coffee culture in Portugal has been strong ever since they started importing beans from Brazil in the 18th century. Traditionally, it’s served as a simple shot of bitter espresso, known as a bica. 

Although the bica and its variations remain ubiquitous, Lisbon café culture is now embracing craft coffee trends from other regions of the world; think cold brew, pour-over and espresso-based concoctions of all kinds. These varieties may not be traditional, but they’re definitely delicious.

After scouring the streets of each area of the city, we’ve sniffed out a few Lisbon coffee shops that never disappoint. They offer only the best beans, roasted and brewed into drinks that go above and beyond expectations. Caffeine addicts, rejoice!

1. The Mill

The Mill is an Australian-style café where the focus is on fresh Portuguese ingredients, served with an Aussie twist. Naturally, top-quality coffee is also on the menu, to complement the all-day breakfast offerings. On weekends they serve brunch: everything from Vegemite on toast to eggs and chouriço.

If you haven’t had a perfect flat white yet, this is the place to get one. You can also sip on lattes, cold brew and more, all made from locally-sourced beans that are roasted just down the road. The menu also includes traditional Portuguese drinks like the pingado: espresso with just a bit of milk.

You can find some of the freshest espresso and best coffee in Lisbon at The Mill.
There’s nothing like a cup of expertly-brewed espresso made with freshly-roasted coffee beans.

2. Bettina & Niccolò Corallo

Everyone knows that chocolate is coffee’s best friend. Don’t believe us? Head to Bettina & Niccolò Corallo, a hidden gem near the Jardim do Principe Real that specializes in these two treats. You’ll find incredibly fresh espresso, plus pure chocolate, cocoa sorbet and fantastic desserts.

In addition to offering the ultimate indulgence, this place epitomizes sustainable production. Both the coffee and cocoa beans come from a plantation on the African island of São Tomé and Príncipe, which is owned by the same family that runs the café.

Local’s tip: If chocolate isn’t your thing, satisfy your sweet tooth with an espresso paired with the iconic Portuguese pastry—check out the best places for pastéis de nata in Lisbon.

3. Copenhagen Coffee Lab

As you might expect, the owners of Copenhagen Coffee Lab hail from Denmark. That’s also where they roast their beans, which are regularly shipped from Strandslodvej to Lisbon. The mission here is to expand the traditional Portuguese coffee menu to include styles from abroad, all in a chic and modern atmosphere.

The menu is short and sweet, but all the essentials are there: from classic espresso drinks to AeroPress and V60. To eat, they offer cakes, pastries, and homemade sourdough and rye bread. The space itself is simple but comfortable, letting the true star—the coffee—shine.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab has some of the best coffee in Lisbon, and we love their baked goods, too!
The counter at Copenhagen Coffee Lab is packed with fresh bread and baked goods. Photo credit: Copenhagen Coffee Lab

4. WISH Slow Coffee House

WISH Slow Coffee House offers an eclectic mix of international snacks and sweets to complement what some people swear is the best coffee in Lisbon. Choose from Chemex, French press, drip, iced or espresso… or treat yourself to an affogato (gelato submerged in espresso).

You can pair your coffee with a plate of Dutch poffertjes (tiny, fluffy pancakes) or a bagel with smoked salmon, among many other treats. The best part? WISH is located at LX Factory, a trendy cultural center that also features galleries, retailers and restaurants.

5. Fábrica Coffee Roasters

“Best beans. Great coffee.” The motto of Fábrica Coffee Roasters says it all. Every drink on the menu is made from beans that are roasted on-site, from Americanos to cappuccinos to Instagram-worthy lattes. From its location near Avenida de Liberdade, this place is spearheading the specialty coffee movement in Lisbon.

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To complement the main attraction, they also offer salads, sandes (Portuguese sandwiches) and baked goods. The decor is a quirky combination of rustic and industrial, making this the perfect place to settle in with a snack and some of the best coffee in Lisbon.

Places like Fábrica Coffee Roasters are serving up the best coffee in Lisbon, complete with latte art.
A bit of beautiful latte art just makes coffee taste that much better.

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