The Best Cafés with WiFi in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on November 24, 2015, and was updated on February 2, 2018

Whether it’s to update people at home, search for your next stop, or simply upload that picture of the amazing tapa you had at lunchtime, the internet is incredibly useful when traveling.

However, roaming charges can be steep, so we all find ourselves asking the same question in cafés and restaurants – ‘¿Hay wifi?’. Most hotels and hostels will provide a WiFi service to customers, but why not head to a café to soak up the city’s atmosphere among the locals as you surf the net!

The difficult thing is finding a place where you can get a good WiFi connection in a new city. Here we outline our favorite places to enjoy a nice coffee and get free WiFi in Seville.

What better way to tame our internet needs when travelling than in the comfort of a café among locals! Here are the best cafés with WiFi in Seville.

Gigante Bar

Gigante Bar is a unique bar in the Alameda neighborhood worth visiting at any point in the day. Be it for a delicious breakfast, afternoon coffee or an evening drink with friends, this bar has it all! While there, you have to try one of their delicious homemade cakes, especially the carrot or chocolate cake. With a quirky decor and incredibly friendly staff, this is a great place to get comfortable and make use of some great WiFi in Seville.

Address: Alameda de Hercules, 17


Located at the end of Calle Feria near the center of the city, Viriato is probably best known for its craft beers and exceptional burgers. However, the bar also sells high-quality coffee and offers free WiFi. Viriato has a great, chilled out atmosphere during the day, ideal to sit down and plan your day’s sightseeing in Seville.

Address: Calle Viriato, 7

What better way to tame our internet needs when travelling than in the comfort of a café among locals! Here are the best cafés with WiFi in Seville. When we have to use the internet abroad, it's best to do it coffee in hand.
When you have to use the internet abroad, it’s best to do it coffee in hand. Photo Credit: Epicantus

El Viajero Sedentario

This café is also located in the trendy Alameda neighborhood and offers customers a wide variety of books to browse while they sit down to a good cup of coffee. Although small inside, there are also a number of seats outside. This area often hosts concerts, book signings, and other cultural events throughout the year. Apart from the wonderful atmosphere and free internet connection, the chocolate cake is to die for!

Address: Alameda de Hercules, 77

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Señora Pop

This cozy café in the Alameda has a quirky decor and amazing coffee and cakes. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy some WiFi in Seville. While it is quiet during the day and comfortable to work in, it comes alive in the evening as a popular spot for locals to enjoy live music, football matches, and even local theatre. Overall, Señora Pop is one of our favorite cafes in Seville, with a welcoming atmosphere and super inviting staff.

Address: Calle Amor de Dios, 55


Orfeo is a café/bar with a modern design and wonderful coffee. Located just a short walk from the center of the city, this bar also provides delicious breakfasts and accommodates gluten-free customers (something that can be tricky to find in Spain!). Have a taste of some of their cakes and pastries while you make use of their WiFi too, they’re delicious!

Address: Calle Jesús del Gran Poder, 19

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