Raise a Frothy Glass to The 9 Best Breweries in Boston

There really is nothing quite like a cool, refreshing, delectable craft beer– and we aren’t the only ones who think so. The entire city of Boston agrees, too, which is clearly portrayed by their almost countless enticing and quality breweries!

Because there are so many breweries in the city, however, it isn’t easy sifting through them all to find the true cream of the “hop” (see what we did there?). So, we made it easier for you and your hunt for the golden brew with our list of the nine best breweries in Boston!

two people holding glasses of beer
There is no shortage of excellent breweries in Boston. Photo credit: Tembela Bohle

Samuel Adams Brewery & Taproom

That’s right: the Sam Adams has both a brewery and a taproom in Boston! Sam Adams has two options available for you to sip and relax: the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains and the Sam Adams Taproom in the heart of Downtown Boston (right next to Faneuil Hall!).

At the Sam Adams Brewery, you can experience any flagship amenities from just one bountiful brew in the tasting room to a full on tour or even a privately hosted event.

The Taproom in Downtown is another stellar place to be for locals and tourists alike, as it has 20 draft lines to enjoy (along with a rotating list of taproom-exclusive beers), a remarkable view of the Faneuil Hall area, and an unbeatable ambiance.

Several pitchers of beer lined up on a bar
Enjoy taproom exclusive beers when you visit the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston. Photo credit: mjsawyer

Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery was established in 1986 and was the very first brewery in Boston. In fact, Harpoon received Brewing Permit #001 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

While this brewery may have started just shy of forty years ago, their mission remains the same: to bring truly flavorful beers to Boston. While visiting them in Seaport today, you can enjoy their classic New England’s Original IPA among other lovables, especially the UFO Beer. They also have comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors, brewery tours, tastings, and plenty more.

Don’t forget to pair any of their drinks up with some of their scrumptious bites for an exceptional experience, like their salted pretzel, cinnamon sugar pretzel, and pizza!

Several glasses of different beers on a wooden table
Harpoon Brewery was the very first brewery in Boston. Photo credit: AdamChandler86

Trillium Brewing

Trillium Brewing was created on the principle of integrating craft brews and the New England farmhouse experience. And they do it very well! This unique brewing company has a couple of locations in the city of Boston: Fenway, Fort Point, and Greenway.

During the summer, enjoy their outdoor beer garden pop-up at Garden on the Greenway, which is right next to the Boston Harbor Wharf and has rotating food trucks! Be sure to try out their popular beers, like A Street IPA, Adjunction Junction Stout, and Affogato Stout!

Outside courtward of a brick building with "trillium" in big red neon letters
Craft beer meets New England farmhouse at Trillium Brewing. Photo credit: ctj71081

Dorchester Brewing Company

The Dorchester Brewing Company may have begun rather recently (in 2016), but what they lack in established time they make up for in sublime brews, food, and city views.

Sip on one of the DBco house brews and take in the skyline view from their “Hopservatory,” which is a four-season rooftop greenhouse.

Don’t want to sit and sip? Then channel your inner child and have a blast in their on-site arcade or attend one of their unique events (they sometimes even hold skee ball tournaments!).

Night Shift Brewing

This is the one “night shift” you’ll want to take. Night Shift Brewing opened in March 2019 with the main goal of being both creative and innovative in everything they craft, from brews to bites.

The primary location is second to none for the Night Shift Brewing Lovejoy Wharf location as it’s just steps away from both North Station and TD Garden.

Interested in visiting a beer garden or two during the warm summer months in Boston? Then you’re in luck because Night Shift Brewing hosts several beer gardens: two in Allston, one in Charlestown, and two in Cambridge.

A line of beer taps at a brewery
Whether visiting the brewery or one of their beer gardens, Night Shift is one you won’t want to miss. Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Democracy Brewing

Democracy Brewing boasts the unique charm of old Boston with its “old world beer hall” ambiance and interior style. As their name suggests, their presence exudes democratic pride, which is even noticeable in their menu and the “stories behind the names” of each beer. Just as an example, the “Miranda” is named after Francisco de Miranda, a Venezulean revolutionary who greatly assisted in the independence in Latin America.

Castle Island Brewing

Located in the youthful South Boston, Castle Island Brewing is yet another headliner in the race for best breweries in Boston. Castle Island Brewing has been crafting award-winning beers since its very beginning in Norwood, Massachusetts in 2015, and expanded in 2021 to South Boston.

Castle Island Brewing offers visitors an unbeatable relaxing atmosphere, even offering trivia nights on Tuesdays and live music most Friday nights. Some popular brews to try include Keeper IPA, Candlepin IPA, Fiver Hazy IPA, Jetty Sour, and their flagship American Lager.

Extreme close up of a glass of beer
Thirsty yet? Photo credit: Timothy Dykes

Aeronaut Brewing Company

Aeronaut Brewing Company takes every beer they craft with the utmost consideration and care–from ingredients and fermentation to pour and first sips. Science and engineering are the primary parts of the DNA at Aeronaut Labs, as the brewery takes their fermentation research and quality assurance seriously.

The result? An unforgettable brewery experience that is worth writing home about.

Whether you head to their original location in Somerville or their summertime beer garden in Allston, you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time with their drinks, food, and live music!

A large mural of a male lion among birds of paradise
Beautiful murals decorate the walls outside Aeronaut Brewing in Boston. Photo credit: Leslee_atFlickr

Downeast Cider House

Hey–maybe you’re not in the mood for a heavy brew and that’s okay! If that’s the case and you’re hunting for a cider instead (or four or five), then your absolute best bet is Downeast Cider House. They offer visitors a variety of truly taste bud-satisfying ciders, especially their Orange Creamsicle and Blue Slushie.

Sip on your cider while wandering around their unique facility via a tour, their taproom, or just take in the views from their waterfront pop-up bar.

Close up of a glass of cider with the can next to it on a wooden table
Not in the mood for beer? Have a cider instead. Photo credit: jerdlngr

While there are several other enticing breweries in Boston, that is our list of the nine best breweries in Boston! When in Boston, really let loose, make yourself at home, and do as the locals do: enjoy a frothy brew in a cool glass and simply enjoy the day!