Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Belleville

A distinctive neighborhood in the northeast corner of Paris, Belleville is a perfect, non-touristy destination for foodies.

Until 1860, Belleville was actually an independent, working-class village, home to farmers and winemakers. Today, following waves of immigration in the 20th century, the hilltop district has become one of Paris’ most artistically vibrant and ethnically diverse areas.

Known for its cabarets, street art, lively galleries, and unpretentious restaurants, it’s a great, off-the-beaten-track quartier to discover and fall in love with.

Whether you’re in the mood to explore the streets, unwind in a wine bar, or eat brunch at a hip cultural center, Belleville has it all! Check out our top pick for the best Belleville restaurants.

Off-the-beaten-track Belleville is one of Paris' hidden gems when it comes to food. Check out one of these Belleville restaurants for an authentic, unforgettable meal.

1. WenZhou

Since 1992, Chinese residents in Belleville have been flocking to this institution for a taste of home. Named after the town where many of the neighborhood’s residents have their roots, WenZhou serves delicious, authentic specialties at really affordable prices.

Don’t miss the sautéed eggplants, the lion’s heads pork meatballs, and, for the most adventurous, the jellyfish salad!

WenZhou is one of the top Belleville restaurants serving up authentic Chinese fare, like these sautéed eggplants.
Crispy, delicious sautéed eggplants at WenZhou. Photo credit: Sophie Picard

2. La Cave de Belleville

Opened by three friends from Belleville, this inviting little gem is what the French call a cave-à-manger: both a wine bar and a gourmet delicatessen.

Every day of the week, newcomers and regulars of La Cave de Belleville can choose from mouthwatering cheese boards, cold-cuts, desserts and, of course, a wide selection of French wines, including organic and biodynamic options.

La Cave de Belleville is one of the must-visit Belleville restaurants for wine lovers.
We’re in heaven just looking at La Cave de Belleville’s outstanding selection of French wines. Photo credit: La Cave de Belleville

3. Floréal Belleville

Created by a brother and sister who grew up in the neighborhood,Floréal Belleville is a bar, restaurant and cultural center all at once!

After checking out work by emerging local artists, the cozy dining area is sure to charm you with its cool Art Deco feel and vintage furniture. Food is another great reason to visit Floréal: here, chefs change monthly, dishes are always seasonal and they even do a tasty brunch on weekends!

Floréal Belleville is one of the top Belleville restaurants for foodies and art aficionados alike.
Everything at Floréal Belleville bursts with color, from the art to the decor of the restaurant itself to the delicious food. Photo credit: Floréal Belleville

4. Les 4 Frères

Another great example of Belleville’s cultural diversity, Les 4 Frères was, as its name suggests, founded by four brothers from northern Algeria. Their friendly, no-frills restaurant serves typical dishes, including finger-licking skewers, grilled on the spot.

The true star of the place, however, is the homemade couscous: hand-rolled and so fluffy we guarantee it will have you coming back for more!

5. Raviolis Nord-Est

A tiny joint, tucked away on a quiet street, Raviolis Nord-Est is a dumpling lover’s paradise!

This popular eatery is run by a husband and wife team who have made it their mission to offer fresh, homemade jiaozi, or dumplings. Choose from chicken, beef, pork or veggie options, to have either steamed or pan-fried.

Address: 11 Rue Civiale

Some of the best Belleville restaurants reflect the growing ethnic diversity in the area, such as Raviolis Nord-Est, which serves up tasty Chinese dumplings.
Homemade Chinese dumplings always hit the spot.

6. Mensae

Located on the Belleville Hill, near the Buttes-Chaumont Park, Mensae is an inviting bistro serving contemporary French food. Portions are generous, dishes are flavorful and the desserts, in particular, are incredible. An all-around winner!

7. Dong Huong

For some of the best Vietnamese food in Paris, be sure to stop by this typical spot to try some of their tastiest specialties. Dishes such as the fried spring rolls, pho (satay soup), and the irresistible grilled chicken with lemongrass make Dong Huong one of our favorite hangouts in Belleville.

Vietnamese joint Dong Huong is one of our favorite Belleville restaurants and home to the best pho in town.
A cozy bowl of pho is one of the best ways to warm up on a chilly Parisian day.

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