Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Batignolles

Discover Paris’ exciting new culinary scene at these forward-thinking Batignolles restaurants.

Once an offbeat residential area, Batignolles has become a trendy Bobo (bourgeois meets bohemian) neighborhood over the past few years. This quartier is the perfect place for eclectic dining in bistros and restaurants frequented by food-loving locals. We’ve put together a guide of our favorite Batignolles eateries, making it easy to find something for every taste.

Get ready to eat your way around one of Paris' most happening neighborhoods. Here are the Batignolles restaurants you won't want to miss.

1. Coretta

Run by the renowned Mexican chef Beatriz Gonzalez, Coretta is an unmissable stop in Batignolles. This inventive restaurant has everything from an eco-conscious interior to beautifully-presented dishes made from top-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Expect some big flavors on your plate. Start with the miso-glazed mackerel accompanied by Granny Smith apples and ginger. Then tuck into the smoked eel with a creamy horseradish sauce. Or how about the foie gras served with pomelo relish? Before leaving, don’t forget to taste their gorgeous caramelized brioche with ice cream.

2. Wepler

More than 120 years after it first opened in Batignolles, Wepler is still one of Paris’ favorites. Picasso, Utrillo, Modigliani, Apollinaire, Henry Miller and many other famous writers used to frequent this atmospheric brasserie. Although the restaurant has since been modernized, it continues to attract young creative and literary crowds.

Everything on the extensive menu brims with flavor. But the real star of the show are the oysters: Wepler is known as the top oyster seller in Paris. Their specialty, generous seafood platters overflowing with prawns, clams, flavorful whelks and, of course, oysters, is a must-try.

Not only is Wepler one of the can't-miss Batignolles restaurants, but they serve up some of Paris' best oysters, too.
Oysters are a must when in Paris, and Wepler serves up some of the best.

3. Le Costaud des Batignolles

If we had to describe Le Costaud des Batignolles in one word, it would be “fun.” This kitsch space with vibrant pop art on the walls and whimsical animal sculptures doubles as an art gallery. Fittingly, the service is informal, friendly and enthusiastic.

The food at Le Costaud is as playful as its decor. Chef Magali Desca prepares her extraordinary dishes (think rabbit spring rolls, tonka bean scallops and pink tiramisu with lychee and raspberries) in the restaurant’s open kitchen. An added bonus: there’s always at least one vegetarian option on the menu.  

4. Papillon

Papillon is run by Christophe Saintagne, a chef with impressive credentials. Before opening his own restaurant, Saintagne worked along with Alain Ducasse at the Michelin-starred restaurants Le Meurice and Plaza Athénée.

Whether you opt for the grilled Bigorre pork belly with a garnish of Utah Beach oysters, whiting on toast with black-olive tapenade or sea bream tartare with seaweed and goji berries, you can’t go wrong. In keeping with the restaurant’s hip vibe, the food is brought to the table by waiters wearing suspenders and, of course, papillons (the restaurant’s namesake bow ties).

Papillon is one of the most eccentric and interesting Batignolles restaurants, with colorful and creative cuisine presented with a flair.
The colorful, creative dishes at Papillon will make you want to come back again and again. Photo credit: Pierre Monetta for Papillon

5. Strobi

A tiny neighborhood bistro with snuggly leather sofas ideally placed by the windows for people-watching, Strobi is the place to enjoy a delicious simple meal or a leisurely Sunday brunch. The small but superbly composed menu changes monthly. And no matter how hungry (or not!) you are, there’s an option for you. At Strobi, all dishes are offered in two sizes: “gourmet,” the appetizer size, or “gourmand,” the main course size.

Strobi, one of the best Batignolles restaurants, serves up classic French bistro fare at its best.
Classic French bistro fare is the star of the show at Strobi.

6. La Cantine du Troquet

La Cantine du Troquet, the sixth Parisian restaurant opened by the celebrity chef Christian Etchebest, is a small bistro with almost entirely local clientele. A daily changing menu and outstanding food make it a must-visit spot. Tuck into the likes of hake, turbot and pollack with ratatouille, and then order a classic French Paris-Brest, a round choux pastry with praline flavored cream, for dessert.

7. Les Poulettes Batignolles

Paris-born Ludovic Dubois opened Les Poulettes Batignolles after having worked as a chef in Barcelona for 12 years. The unique meat and seafood combinations reflect strong Catalan influences. We recommend tasting the foie gras with smoked eel, eggplant and fig or the roasted pollock, suckling pig and mushroom paella.

Be sure to order the “cheese of the moment” too: Ludovic is the son of the famous Parisian cheesemonger, Martine Dubois, and serves only the highest-quality cheeses coming from her shop.  

As one of the top Batignolles restaurants, Les Poulettes Batignolles serves up Spanish-Catalan dishes like paella.
Who says you have to be in Spain to eat a stunning rice dish?

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