Our Favorite Paris Restaurants by Neighborhood: Bastille

Over the years, Bastille has transformed from a humble artisanal hub to a verifiable gastronomic wonderland.

The area around the Bastille was once where people made things—every commerce was a cabinet maker, a carpet weaver, or a ceramicist. It was the artisanal crafts quarter of the city, full of skilled workers turning out beautiful objects. 

Today, it’s still full of craftspeople, but the focus has shifted from beautiful objects to beautiful plates of food. In the trendy 11th you’ll countless excellent Bastille restaurants: some established, and others waiting to be discovered. 

There are plenty of Bastille restaurants to choose from, but a few truly stand out. Here are our top foodie picks in Paris' 11th.


Let’s cut to it: Septime put the 11th arrondissement on the map. Eight years ago, they transformed an old mechanic’s shop into a restaurant, and the rest is history. 

It’s nearly impossible to get into their flagship restaurant, where foraged herbs and wildflowers infuse a tasting menu of line-caught fish, free range meat and heritage vegetables. If you do manage to get in, be sure to choose a wine pairing—you’ll discover natural wine at its best, and taste how the intensity of that wine comes alive in your glass. 

If you don’t get in, go to their second restaurant, Clamato, just next door, or the tiny wine cave just over the street.

Septime is one of the most sought-after Michelin restaurants in Paris. You'll have to start planning your meal here months in advance if you want to get a reservation.
Despite its status as an in-demand foodie hotspot, the dining space at Septime feels cozy and unpretentious. Photo credit: F.Flohic for Septime


When in France, you always drink wine with dinner, right? Wrong! When at Dersou, you drink cocktails. 

With innovative mixed drinks to match the seasonal, Asian-inspired cuisine, you’re in for a treat. The five-course tasting menu is served with five cocktails (which are mandatory, if you ask us!). It’s also open for a boozy Sunday lunch as a great way to finish the weekend. 

Dersou isn't just one of the best Bastille restaurants—they also make pretty fabulous cocktails.
At Dersou, craft cocktails are a dinner staple.


Moko and her eponymous restaurant are undoubtedly the stars of the quartier. Guests book weeks in advance to taste her and her husband’s international mix of flavors. From Paris to New York to Tokyo to Beirut, it’s all here, and it all works. Come for lunch and expect clean, coherent dishes in this tiny family-run restaurant, and don’t forget a round of Moko’s famous matcha cookies to finish.

Le Paul Bert

This (18 Rue Paul Bert) is a bistro not to be missed. Think vintage ceramics, worn red leather, tiles and antique mirrors, complete with a menu scrawled on a well-travelled blackboard. It’s got all the well-known classics: enormous côte de boeuf, served for two, classic sole meuniere, steak tartare, homemade frites…and cheese, of course! A laden two-foot cheese board will be momentarily placed on your table—serve yourself, and be quick. If you’re not fast they’ll whisk it away to the next greedy cheese fan!

Ten Belles Bread

The way bread from Ten Belles makes us feel is indescribable. But we’ll try. 

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing in your life? Head to Ten Belles. Whether you stay and linger over a piece of cake and a cup of Belleville Brûlerie coffee, or simply grab a baguette to go, this Paris institution will instantly complete you.

The best baguettes in Paris taste even better when enjoyed at an idyllic Parisian cafe with a cup of coffee.
Few pleasures in life rival the simple act of enjoying a baguette and coffee at a cafe like Ten Belles. Photo credit: Mike Towber

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