Barcelona in the Rain

This blog post was originally posted on September 22, 2014, and was updated on October 12, 2017.

Caught in Barcelona in the rain? There is still plenty to do in the Catalan capital on a rainy day!

Enjoy the best of Barcelona in the rain with our great guide on some of the best things to do in the city!

Though it’s usually quite sunny on the Mediterranean coast, especially between June and October, nobody can ever quite predict the weather and unfortunately, even the best of visits can get rained out. All the same, there’s no reason to fret, as we’ve made a great list of some ideas for what to do if you get caught in Barcelona in the rain, including our delicious food tours that run rain or shine!

Visit Museums

Visiting museums on rainy days is a given. In Barcelona there are dozens of different types of museums to choose from, so rest assured you won’t run out of options even if it rains five days in a row! Go classic with the Picasso Museum or get wacky at Cosmo Caixa with all of the family!

Local’s Tip: Make sure to book your tickets online to avoid the queues!

Go Shopping in a Bullring

Did you know that one of Barcelona’s old bullrings has been converted into a shopping center? Arenas, the enormous bullring in Plaza España, was once a site of the age-old Spanish tradition of la corrida. Nowadays, you can explore three circular floors of different shops and restaurants, all the while trying on shoes or having an ice cream. And don’t miss out on the rooftop (rain or shine) for fantastic views of the city. Of course, if you’re caught in Barcelona in the rain—grab an umbrella and wander some of our favorite places!

The Arenas shopping center is unique in that it was once a bullring! Get great views from the top, and check out the shops on three different floors inside. Enjoy it if you're stuck in Barcelona in the rain!
Shopping in an old bull-ring, with great views to boot! Photo credit: Ctsnow.

Get Lost in a Bookstore

Barcelona is home to some of the most famous bookstores in Spain. One of them, La Central, has a few different locations. The most notable is located in the Eixample, which also happens to be the original. They also have another in the Raval. Creaky wooden floors and piles and piles of books on display make for a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Check out the cafe in the Eixample location, a hidden gem of lovely detail with some of the best croissants around. If you are strapped for souvenirs, La Central is your best bet for original and also quirky gifts from Barcelona.

See a Classic Movie at La Filmoteca

Barcelona’s recently constructed film and video archive, La Fimoteca de Catalunya, lies right in the heart of the Raval and has one of the most diverse agendas out there. There is a constantly changing program involving several different themes, cycles, and series. Not to mention, at just three euros it’s one of the most frequented movie theaters around. These movies are all in the original version and also a large majority in English with Spanish or Catalan subtitles. It’s the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Eat an Escudella

Perhaps Catalonia’s best comfort food, la escudella i carn d’olla, or escudella for short, is a hearty stew known for being the first referenced soup in all of Europe. A humble dish that includes all types of vegetables and different meats. Most notably try la pilota, an enormous meatball seasoned with garlic and parsley), which is a must for Barcelona in the rain. Furthermore, go to the authentic neighborhood of Sants to try it at Terre d’Escudella (Carrer de Premià, 20). For something more central in the Gothic quarter, Can Culleretes (Carrer Quintana, 5) is also a great place to try this tasty dish. Want to know more about traditional restaurants and Catalan food? Watch the video below to get a sneak peak.

These are just a few, but do you have any other ideas for Barcelona in the rain? Let us know—we love to hear your suggestions!

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