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This blog post was originally posted on January 2, 2015 and was updated on January 9, 2018.

2014 was an exciting time for us, and rightfully so—it was Devour Barcelona’s birth year, after all!

We ran pilot tours in July, launched our first tours in September and watched them grow and evolve into something amazing during the last few months. But of course, we could not have done it alone!

A great way to get information about Barcelona is by reading Barcelona blogs! There are countless blogs about Barcelona, covering everything from things to do, dishes to try and what to avoid!

Through 2014 we had the chance to meet a lot of the local bloggers in and around Barcelona, as well as many who came through here on their travels and explorations throughout Spain. They were helpful to us by giving meaningful insight, useful suggestions, constructive criticism, and of course, honest reviews!

That’s what we love most about bloggers—these are real people, sharing their first-hand experiences, and without them the internet would surely be a boring place, so we’ve started Barcelona in the Blogosphere to highlight recent posts about our lovely city and region by locals, visitors and travel experts who feature it in one way or another. Every once in a while, we’ll throw something from the archives in there, just for a good read. Enjoy some of our top Barcelona blogs!

Grantourismo Travels

How to Eat Calçots Like the Locals in Catalonia

The calçot season is upon us and so if you’re visiting Barcelona between now and March, make sure to add a calçotada to your priority list. Calçotadas are winter barbecues where the calçot, a Catalan spring onion, is the protagonist (though it would be nothing without the delicious and nutty romesco sauce to dip in!). Let the experts at Grantourismo show you how to do it right.

Foodie in Barcelona

Best Eats in Barcelona

With a discerning palate and an eye for detail, Foodie in Barcelona recently published a handy list of her favorite spots in Barcelona. Restaurants, cafes, bars and other gastronomy-related experiences, this is an awesome intro to the latest and greatest happenings in the Barcelona food scene. She’s also a big fan of good coffee, which means she’s checked out and favorited the best coffee-lover spots around.

Barcelona Photo Diary

Who would have thought that Barcelona through the camera lens of a British teenager could be so stunning? Islaay (as she points out, pronounced eye-la) has an eye for beauty, as seen in her photo diary from a recent trip to Barcelona.


Costa Brava in Five Senses

As we mentioned above, here’s one from the archives (2012) that we love. The title says it all, and it’s the perfect read for the dreary months we have ahead, as we patiently wait for spring and daydream about our next wanderlust destination! This is definitely one of our top Barcelona blogs.

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