Bakeries in Florence: Our Top 8 Can’t-Miss Spots

Ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? These incredible bakeries in Florence are calling your name!

Small cakes garnished with strawberries and other fruits in a bakery display case.
The only hard part of visiting Florence’s bakeries: deciding what to order. Photo credit: Ulysse Pointcheval

When it comes to bakeries, Florence hasn’t always had an established tradition. Luckily, Florence is known for attracting people all over the world and make them fall in love with it—and bakers are no exception.

So treat your sweet tooth to some quality pastries and get ready to discover the best bakeries in Florence!

1. Rivoire 

There’s only one place for chocolate in Florence, and its name is Rivoire. The place is right in Piazza della Signoria, the historical center of ancient Florence.  

Enrico Rivoire was the maître chocolatier of the first king of Italy himself, and decided to open his own café back in 1872. This very place taught Florentines to appreciate hot chocolate in a cup. 

So remember: amazing chocolate. It is the main reason why this place has survived for such a long time. Try everything you can get your hands on… as long as it’s made with chocolate. 

Thick, dark hot chocolate topped with whipped cream served in a white mug
Rivoire’s legendary hot chocolate should be on every Florence visitor’s bucket list. Photo credit: Adam Burt

2. Robiglio 

Robiglio is another historical café in Florence. It opened in 1928, and it’s been there ever since.   

You can find Florentines enjoying a sweet breakfast on its terrace, and you can taste some amazing cornetti all’albicocca (croissants stuffed with apricot jam).  

Side note: the pastries here taste just as good as they look.  

Exterior of a pastry shop on a street corner in Florence, Italy
Robiglio is a Florence breakfast classic. Photo credit: Gail

3. Caffè Gilli 

It was a Swiss family that opened Caffè Gilli, the oldest bakery in Florence, in 1733. And—surprise!—it began as a shop specializing in… donuts.  

In its very long life, this place has seen the greatest Italian minds chatting at its tables, discussing literature and revolution over a cup of espresso. Enter and smell the history all around you. 

Caffè Gilli is now a luxury café that none of the other bakeries in Florence can match in style or elegance. You may pay a little more for your coffee or hot chocolate, but it’s worth it. 

Pastries and candy on display in a bakery window.
Gorgeous sweet treats on display at Gilli. Photo credit: Josh Friedman

4. Antico Caffè Torino 

Antico Caffè Torino (Viale Giacomo Matteotti, 2/r) holds the most traditional delicacies in its display cases. 

The place is a short walk from the point of interest in Florence, so it won’t be difficult to find. Try their chocolate millefeuilles at your own risk—they are seriously addictive. 

Chocolate millefeuille pastry served on a white plate
An incredible chocolate millefeuille. Photo credit: Wei-Hang Chua

5. Caffè Rainer 

No, you didn’t by chance enter a time-loop and end up in Austria. Caffè Rainer (Via S. Zanobi, 97/R) is a real Austrian bakery in Florence. 

The owners are an Austrian chef in love with Italy and a Florentine entrepreneur. A match made in heaven—as their eclairs. 

You’ll also have the chance to try a perfect Sachertorte and an even better black forest cake. Enjoy every second of it! 

Piece of chocolate cake served on a small black tray garnished with small red berries.
You don’t need to go all the way to Vienna for amazing Sachertorte. Photo credit: Nicola Holtkamp

6. Antico Forno Giglio 

Seventy years ago, Antico Forno Giglio opened at Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 151/r. Over the years, it has become a pilgrimage destination for every Florentine.  

The masters of Antico Forno Giglio are unmatched in savory and sweet baked goods.  You must try the cantucci: a biscuit with almonds—that go perfectly well with sweet wine. 

Plate of biscotti-like cookies on a table beside a bottle and a small glass of sweet wine.
Cantucci and sweet vin santo: a match made in heaven. Photo credit: Alberto 1×3

7. Pasticceria Giorgio 

If you happen to be staying outside the city center, you may find yourself near one of the most amazing bakeries in Florence: Pasticceria Giorgio (Via Duccio di Buoninsegna, 36).  

This is THE place to find a sweet treat that everyone will love. For Sunday lunch with the family, countless Florentines make sure to have a tray of pastries for everyone to share, bought from Pasticceria Giorgio. 

If you have the time, have your breakfast there. And lunch. And dinner. 

8. Mama’s Bakery 

Tired of Italian bakeries? You can finally have your New York cheesecake thanks to Mama’s Bakery (Via della Chiesa, 34R).  

Equally appreciated by visitors and Florence locals alike, this place is the perfect spot if you’re looking for an international environment. 

Cookies, apple pies and brownies: all the American traditions in a bakery in Florence! 

Three chocolate brownies stacked on a small white plate
Authentic American brownies in Italy? You heard that right! Photo credit: Arantxa Aniorte