30 Ideas for Awesome Christmas Gifts from Barcelona

This blog post was originally posted on December 3, 2014 and was updated on November 10, 2017.

The holiday season is upon us, and Barcelona has come alive with colorful lights, Christmas markets, and holiday cheer. It’s time to show you the best Christmas gifts from Barcelona!

It’s time of year when we all start thinking about buying gifts for friends and family! We all put a lot of thought into finding the perfect present. But what better present could there be than something you have found on your travels? Here are some tips and ideas for awesome Christmas gifts from Barcelona that won’t disappoint!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts from Barcelona? We have 30 ideas for you, so that you come home to your loved ones with something they'll love!

Food and Drink

Edible souvenirs are obviously our favorite type of gift! Furthermore, Spain—the land of fabulous food and wonderful wines, is a fantastic place to get them. Here are some of our favorite foodie Christmas gifts from Barcelona.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or liquid gold as we call it, makes the best Christmas gift from Barcelona for foodie friends and gourmet taste buds!
Liquid gold (some may know it as extra virgin olive oil) makes the best gift for your food-loving friends!

Leather Goods

Spanish leather is something even Janis Joplin can appreciate. This also means that leather goods from Spain could be the perfect gift for someone you know! Here are a few suggestions to find everything from classic gloves to funky bags and also everything in between.

  • Head to Alexis Fasoli in the Born for a true leather atelier, where each beautiful piece is made by Alexis by hand
  • Alonso is the place to go for heavenly leather gloves and exquisite silky scarves
  • Lupo specializes in very original leather bags that are funky in shape, size and color
Another one of our awesome Christmas gifts from Barcelona is something made with genuine Spanish leather. Check our guide for gift ideas from Barcelona for some inspiration on where to get great leather products in Barcelona!
There are so many great gifts from Barcelona made with genuine Spanish leather!

Modernist Marvels

While Gaudí and his monuments are the most famous icons of the Modernism period, Modernist design and architecture is an integral part of Barcelona’s identity as a whole. Here are a few ideas to take a piece of it home.

  • A great coffee table book of the beautifully intricate modernist tile designs of Barcelona. Find it at most of the museum gift shops or on Amazon.
  • Barcelona is dotted with traditional Spanish ceramics stores. But try Ceramiques Pahissa for a great variety including plenty of classics as well as modernist designs.
Looking for awesome Christmas gifts from Barcelona? We have plenty of ideas! Read our guide on what and where to find the best Christmas gifts from Barcelona.
Beautiful mosaics…emblematic of Barcelona!

Spanish and Catalan Cookbooks

The culinary world would be nothing without the Spanish and Catalan cuisine. Decide from the Mediterranean influence to the deeply rooted traditions of the Iberian peninsula. A good cook knows the basics of good Spanish cooking. Oh, and they also make awesome gifts from Barcelona even if you can’t quite make it here in time, as you can conveniently order them on Amazon!

Made in Spain

Barcelona is a city where creative and modern meet traditional and old school. Here are some great gifts made-in-Barcelona, with a little something for all tastes.

  • Alternative and independent designer Christmas markets are a one-stop-shop for unique Christmas gifts from Barcelona.
  • Espardenyes, or espadrilles, and menorquinas are both typical men and women’s footwear on this side of the Mediterranean. Find the first at the traditional shop La Manual Alpargatera and for the latter, Castell.
  • Timeless black and white framed photographs and posters are the specialties at 4Photos Studio in the Born. Reasonable prices plus lots of other fun gifts like tote bags, mugs and photography trinkets.
  • Vaho Gallery is a shop in Barcelona (with various locations) that makes unique bags and wallets out of recycled material.
  • Head to the picturesque Plaça del Pi in the Gothic on Saturdays for a quaint market where local artists set up shop and sell their big and small pieces of work.
  • Cereria Subirá is an artisan candle and wax shop, as well as one of Barcelona’s oldest establishments, that does some of the most impressive and creative candles around.
  • Check out some of Barcelona’s traditional Christmas markets to find artisan toys, Christmas decorations and the like.

Good Reads

For the bookworms and literature lovers, there are dozens of fantastic novels that will transport readers to Barcelona in different eras of its long and enthralling history.

  • Cathedral of the Sea is by far one of the biggest best sellers in its category as it follows the construction of the Santa Maria Basilica in the Born. Think Pillars of the Earth, Catalan style.
  • Victus is an enthralling, epic adventure through one of the darkest times of Catalan history.
  • The Shadow of the Wind is another Spanish bestseller, known for the author’s hand at mystery and intrigue.
  • Eduardo Mendoza is one of Barcelona’s most prized authors, and his book, The City of Marvels, is a hilarious account of Barcelona during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as the city grew, expanded and hosted two world expositions.

On The Way to Barcelona

Perhaps you know someone coming to Barcelona on vacation, honeymoon or time abroad? Here are some great ways to treat them to something in the city so they can have an experience they will never forget!

  • Aire de Barcelona is a beautiful Arab bathhouse, utilizing real ruins from the historic Born district. They offer all sorts of deals, from the basic spa and bathhouse experience to more luxurious massage and relaxation packages.
  • The wonderful Moleskin notebook company makes city-specific agendas, complete with maps, useful info and plenty of space for travel-inspired note-taking.
The best gift from Barcelona is a gift IN Barcelona! Going on a food tour is a delicious and memorable experience, and makes the perfect gift for your loved ones visiting Barcelona soon!
The best gift from Barcelona is a gift IN Barcelona—like a food tour!

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