What Food is San Francisco Known For? Try These

Extreme close up of a bowl of creamy clam chowder at Hog Island Oyster Co. in San Francisco

For a local, it’s easy to forget that some of the area’s most ubiquitous food items are actually quite special. Some of the foods San Francisco is known for can be traced back to the gold rush era, while others came along sometime after. Immigrant culture influenced some of our best-known dishes, while other food […]

7 Flavorful and Famous San Francisco Restaurants

exterior shot of a small white building on a pier with a blue sky. Big red letters spell "Red's JAVA HOUSE" on a sign

It’s amazing how many famous San Francisco restaurants have flourished for decades and even generations. Their incredible staying power is due to any number of things. But the unique atmosphere they embody, the passion their staff have for good food and drinks, and the steps they take to be innovative have embedded them into San […]

8 San Francisco Restaurants with a View You Have to See

A view of cable car on a sloping street in San Francisco with a bridge in the background peeking in between buildings

Striking San Francisco views are everywhere you look in the city—between buildings, over hilltop crests, and especially at the water’s edge. But discovering San Francisco restaurants with a view is a thrilling and delicious bonus. Experience the flavors of San Francisco while connecting with the spectacular sights and sounds around you. We’ve curated the ultimate […]