7 Foodie Things to do in Seville

This blog post was originally posted on April 24, 2015, and was updated on March 30, 2017.

Seville is a city built on the tradition of tapas, sherry, and “cañas” served freezing cold on a hot summer day.

Food is shared and enjoyed in our streets, in bars and in our homes. When we plan to meet friends or family, it almost always centers around food. Seville offers a mix of traditional and modern flavors and there really is no excuse for not eating well in the capital of Andalusia. If you share our love for delicious nibbles, read on, as here are our top foodie things to do in Seville!

Forks ready? Foodies in Seville can't miss these tips! We give you insider advice on 7 foodie things to do in Seville. It's sure to be a delicious visit.

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1. Visit a local market

We think that the best way to get to know a new city is through its markets. So much of the local culture is tied up in what people eat, how they get their food, and the products available in that corner of the world. Seville has a good number of neighborhood markets where the locals come to chat, gossip, and get the freshest produce. If you’re visiting our city, these markets make for an interesting place to explore and get a glimpse into local life!

Out of all the foodie things to do in Seville, visiting a market like this one, the beautiful Mercado de Triana, is one of our favorites.
The colorful Mercado de Triana

2. Learn about Sherry

If you are a wine drinker, a sherry tasting is the perfect option. Sample Andalusia’s favorite tipple in Seville and decide which variety you like the best. This is a great activity for foodies in Seville since it will help you to learn what to order along with your tapa for the remainder of your trip!

If you are looking for great food related activities in Seville, don't forget about trying a glass of local sherry wine. You can even visit the nearby wine region of Jerez where it is produced to learn all about it!
We love Amontillado sherry!

3. Take a one-day cooking class

One of the best souvenirs a foodie could take home is a new recipe and some new skills to go along with it! Sign up for a Spanish cooking class and learn how to make the best dishes in Andalusian cuisine. Enjoy a glass of wine, meet new people and get involved in the local culture. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions so that your tortilla de patatas comes out just right when you make it at home!

Perhaps the most important food activity in Seville is learning how to make it! We learned how to make this delicious salmorejo in a cooking class with Taller Andaluz de Cocina.
Learning to make salmorejo in a cooking class with Taller Andaluz de Cocina

4. Go out for tapas!

We’ve said many times tapas are less a kind of food than a way of eating. And in Seville, the city which could perhaps be considered the tapas mecca of the world, any food lover worth their salt knows that tapas are where it’s at!

There is something for everyone from montaditos (little sandwiches) to spinach and chick pea stew, to simple, melt in your mouth acorn-fed Iberian ham. We could argue all day over which is the best, but wouldn’t it be more fun to get out and eat? To experience a broad spectrum of Seville’s cuisine, make sure you try them all, from the traditional tapas to modern, creative offerings.

Forks ready? Foodies in Seville can't miss these tips! We give you insider advice on 7 foodie things to do in Seville. It's sure to be a delicious visit, and it starts right here with tapas like these!
Enjoying tapas in Seville

5. Eat with a local

We always suggest asking a local to find the best bar, restaurant or coffee shop in the area. EatWith has kept that same philosophy and has created a network of people who are willing to open their doors to offer up a home-cooked meal. This is a great option for people who would like to make new friends or even try a new cuisine. Often times there are options for ethnic, vegetarian or traditional Andalusian meals. Don’t worry, they visit each home before accepting them into EatWith, so it’s a safe and unique way for foodies to enjoy Seville cuisine.

Eating with others is one of our favorite foodie things to do in Seville, don't miss out on the chance
Who knows what delicious bites may be enjoyed on your EatWith experience – maybe some patatas bravas or padrón peppers

6. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Seville is home to some delicious pastry shops and places to get ice cream. We should know, as we are guilty of indulging from time to time! One of the sweetest foodie things to do in Seville is to stop into La Campana (Calle Sierpes, 1-3) for a traditional postre (dessert) like the milhojas with meringue. Otherwise, especially during the hot summer months, you can’t miss cooling off with a scoop or two of creamy gelato style ice cream at Rayas (Calle Almte. Apodaca, 1).

Forks ready? Foodies in Seville can't miss these tips! We give you insider advice on 7 foodie things to do in Seville. It's sure to be a delicious visit, so make sure you eat a pastry like this to celebrate!
A Sweet treat at La Campana

7. Take a food tour

Last but not least, a food tour is one of the best ways to get the lay of the land, gastronomically speaking. Join us on a Devour Seville Food Tour and discover our favorite locally owned and run tapas bars, sweet treats, and Andalusian cuisine. This is by far the ultimate experience for a foodie in Seville. Check out this sneak peek video from local experts, Jaimie and Hayley below!

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