5 Things to Eat in Barcelona RIGHT NOW!

This blog post was originally posted on January 30, 2015, and was updated on November 25, 2017.

Let’s face it there are so many delicious things to eat in Barcelona! But with every season there are, of course, some you just can’t miss out on trying.

It’s the dead of winter, and we need something to be excited about. Like calçots. Or ramen. Or some incredibly naughty sweets that we need to stay warm. Check out these five incredible things to eat in Barcelona right now, from the most delicious seasonal treats to what’s hot in the trendy foodie scene.

Feeling hungry? Don't miss some of our favorite winter warmers and above all things to eat in Barcelona right now!

Alcachofas a la Catalana

We are in the peak season of artichokes and you can tell. Take a walk around any market in Barcelona and you will notice all the fruit stalls are stocked with enormous, beautiful artichokes. Just looking at them makes our mouths water! There are plenty of Spanish and Catalan dishes that feature the artichoke, but why not something classic? Any recipe a la Catalana usually implies the addition of pine nuts, raisins and ham (other pork products), and that’s basically what alcachofas a la Catalana are, with a dash of lemon for good measure!

Make sure to try out the artichokes in many tapas bars is one of our top tips in our top 5 things to eat in Barcelona right now blog!
We just love the fried artichokes served at Bar del Pla in the Born! Yum!

Sopa de Galets

One of the most typical Christmas dishes of this region in Spain is escudella i carn de olla. Which is two-courses soup divided in parts. First comes the broth with big macaroni-like noodles (galets) and then comes the meat and vegetables used in making it. Of course, the stuff is so warm and hearty that it’s everywhere throughout the winter. Many restaurants serve just the sopa de galets as a first course at lunch. This stuff is potent, and perfect for a cold winter’s day.


While we’re on the topic of soup, can we just talk about how hot ramen is right now? With yet another addition to the Japanese dining scene—Koku Kitchen in the Gothic. It seems that choosing where to eat ramen is the hardest part. Ramen-ya Hiro is another great bet for very authentic ramen, so much so that you might forget you’re in Barcelona.


During the winter months in Barcelona and Catalonia, there is one thing you can be sure every single person is talking about. That thing is an onion. The calçot, a large spring onion native of these parts, is absolutely delicious. Of course, the tradition that surrounds it isn’t too bad either. Take part in a calçotada! This is a big meal starting with piles of calçots, dipped in romesco. Furthermore, it’s followed by endless grilled meats. Read our full blog post on calçots to find the best places in and around Barcelona to eat them.

must try foods in Barcelona
There’s nothing more Catalan than charred calçots!

Crema Catalana Gofre

If anyone was still holding on to the hopes of losing any unwanted holiday pounds, rest assured that a crema catalana gofre is worth every single guilty bite. The famous Pastisseria Escribà has graced us with the most sinful of combinations—a gofre, or waffle, topped with the delicious Catalan custard dessert. It’s a beautiful marriage. One we also couldn’t be any more excited about!

Local’s Tip: Of course, as you know, there are so many other wonderful tapas to enjoy while in the city. Here are a few that you can’t miss out on! Watch the video below to warm up your appetite!


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