3 Great Restaurants With All Day Kitchens In Seville

The Spanish eating schedule (eating dinner late!) is something that has surprised visitors for quite a while. But while the majority of restaurants will close between lunch and dinner, some restaurants keep their kitchens open all day long!

The great thing about Seville is that in spite of the city’s primary industry being tourism, much of its authenticity and Spanish charm is maintained. Almost all vistiors want to experience truly eating like a local in Seville. But when that means holding out for a late dinner starting at 8.30-9pm (at the earliest), it can be hard to adjust to the local meal times.

The vast majority of restaurants with all day kitchens in Seville would be considered tourist traps or known for producing average food, but thankfully there are a few delicious spots that are open all day long. Check out our list to guarantee you some good food outside of normal Sevillano eating hours!

You've heard of the Spanish eating schedule right? But what should you do if you're hungry in Seville at 6 pm and don't want to end up in a tourist trap? Just take a look at our travel guide of the best bars and restaurants in town that are open all day! A poorly-timed tapas craving is no match for us! #travelhacks #traveltips #tapas #foodie #spain #europe

La Azotea Santa Cruz

With a central location right by some of Seville’s most iconic monuments, La Azotea Santa Cruz is a delicious gem on a street of touristy establishments. A number of traditional tapas prepared with a modern flare are offered at this restaurant, including some plates that will be a guaranteed hit with kids!

La Azotea also doubles as a great spot to get a delicious breakfast, with smoothies and brunch-style bacon and eggs available, as well as the traditional tostada con tomate. Also, check out their mini-burgers and the delicious roasted presa Ibérica in an orange sauce if you’re visiting after brunch has ended. With great food and extremely welcoming service, La Azotea is one of our favorite restaurants with all day kitchens in Seville.

Address: Calle Mateos Gago, 8

Delicious mini burgers at La Azotea, served with french fries and salad are a great treat for the kids! A great place if you are looking for restaurants with an all day kitchen in Seville
The mini-burgers at La Azotea will be a huge hit with all the family!

Arte y Sabor

Located on the hip, lively Alameda square, Arte y Sabor is a small restaurant with a simple decor and seating outside so you can take in the Seville sun while you eat. Not only do they cook up some of the highest quality vegetarian and vegan dishes in Seville, they kitchen stay’s open all day long. However, this establishment is not limited to dishes for our veggie friends, as they also have delicious meat and seafood tapas too.

Try the fresh and delicious spinach salad with goat’s cheese, avocado and nuts. Or order yourself the salmorejo de remolacha, a beetroot twist on the traditional Córdoba dish which is a great way to cool off during the hot summers. For meat lovers, get the large ración of entrecot de buey with stir-fried vegetables to share.

Address: Alameda de Hércules, 85

Delicious beetroot salmorejo, a unique twist on the usually tomato based Cordoba soup at Arte y Sabor, one of the restaurants with an all day kitchen in Seville
Arte y Sabor’s beetroot salmorejo is a huge hit with vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! Photo Credit: Arte y Sabor

La Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo

The abacería tradition has found a strong place in the complex tapas scene of Seville in recent years, and La Antigua Abacería de San Lorenzo is one of our absolute favorites. With cosy decoration and incredibly friendly service, this former 17th Century house makes every guest feel right at home. And the best thing of all? Their kitchen is open all day!

The staff is more than happy to recommend a variety of dishes for you to try. Or if you are feeling adventurous, you can even put your meal in the owner’s hands. Order ‘Lo que diga Ramón’, (What Ramón says), and he’ll select a variety of bites of his choosing! If you’re ordering for yourself, try some of their exquisite croquettes, their Iberian pork, or their fried calamari in a squid ink bun.

Address: Calle Teodosio, 53

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