24 Hours in Granada: One Memorable Day in Spain’s Moorish Jewel

This blog post was originally posted on November 2, 2017, and was updated on April 17, 2019. 

24 hours is the perfect amount of time to get an authentic, local feel for Granada.

Obviously Granada is full of sights worth seeing. You could spend an entire day at the Alhambra alone! However, you can still experience the city in a short amount of time. In fact, the best way to spend 24 hours in Granada is to simply live like a local! Whether you’re just passing through town or visiting on a day trip from somewhere like Seville, here’s how to make the most of your day.

Spending 24 hours in Granada? Here's how to make the most of a short amount of time.

Walk through history and shop like a local

Granada’s city center is bursting with fascinating history, colorful markets and stylish shopping all within the same barrio! The cathedralRoyal Chapel and Alcaicería market are just some of the many incredible historical sights located within 700 feet of one another. Other noteworthy sights include the Federico García Lorca museum and the José Guerrero Center.

The city's cathedral and Royal Chapel are perfect additions to any itinerary for 24 hours in Granada!
We’re obsessed with the beautiful details in Granada’s iconic cathedral!

When you’ve had your fill of history, it’s time for some shopping! Head to nearby Calle Reyes Católicos, which is just a stone’s throw from the historic center and home to dozens of amazing little shops and cafés.

Lunch like a local on Calle Alhamar

This famous street and its surroundings are local favorites when it comes to tapas! It’s impossible to spend 24 hours in Granada and not try one of the many incredible tapas bars in the Calle Alhamar area. Not sure where to start? Some of our favorites are Los Pensadores, Bar Ávila and Britannia. Grab a table (or stand at the bar) and get ready to experience tapas heaven!

Lunch like a local at one of the many delicious tapas bars on Calle Alhamar! It will be the most delicious part of your 24 hours in Granada.
Take your tapas game to the next level: grab a seat at the bar and get to know the staff!

“Pasear” with the locals

Sometimes the best part of visiting a new city is simply taking a walk. 24 hours in Granada would not be complete without a simple and peaceful paseo, or stroll. Relax after your tapas lunch by heading down to the area surrounding the Genil River in the afternoon. After a tranquil walk, treat yourself to an afternoon pick-me-up. We recommend the coffee at Las Titas!

Take a walk and discover the beauty of the city during your 24 hours in Granada.
Granada is full of hidden corners just waiting to be explored. Take a walk and let yourself get lost!

Catch the sunset

Nothing beats the stunning sunsets in Granada! Our favorite spot? The hidden mirador, or viewpoint, of Puerta del Sol in the Realejo quarter. The trek up some stairs is well worth the stunning, picture-perfect views!

Make sure you catch the sunset during your 24 hours in Granada!
The Alhambra looks even more beautiful at sunset!

Visit the city’s beautiful plazas

As your 24 hours in Granada wind down, don’t forget to pass by Plaza Nueva and Plaza Isabel la Católica in the city center. These squares are bustling with locals and tourists alike during the day. However, in the evening hours, they become perfect little corners of tranquility. It’s much easier to appreciate their beauty at night, without the crowds of people.

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