10 Reasons You Can’t Miss Devour Andalusia

There are so many reasons not to miss our super exciting new 9-day tour around Andalusia! We’ve managed to boil it down to just 10 absolute essentials…

This is a unique opportunity to eat your way around this glorious region in the south of Spain. Guided by Devour’s co-founders, you’ll be in the best possible hands when it comes to getting the authentic experience. Without further ado, here are 10 reasons you can’t miss Devour Andalusia.

Photo credit: Spencer Means, Text overlay: Devour Tours.

1. Cook like an Andalusian

We love cooking as much as we love eating! This tour features a special trip to a renowned cooking school where you’ll learn to create your very own Andalusian delicacies. Also, you’ll explore a traditional food market and purchase fresh, local produce before the cooking fun begins. What better way to take the taste of Spain home with you?

Cooking school is one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Concoct your own delicious Andalusian dishes! Photo credit: Enric Martinez

2. Taste Organic Black-Hoof Jamón

Jamón is an absolute must-have for lovers of Spanish food. You’ll be joining us at one of Spain’s best family run estates to gain a special insight into the ham curing process. You’ll see legs hanging from the ceiling as they cure and learn about this iconic race of pig unique to this region of Spain. And, of course, you’ll try out some of their delectable slow-cured ham. We’re hungry just thinking about it!

Jamón, one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Jamón is one of the unmissable foods of Andalusia!

3. Discover the Sherries of Jerez

Jerez is a region famous for its sherry. Luckily for us, it’s in Andalusia and forms a core part of our Devour Andalusia experience! Discover some of the best wines and sherries the area has to offer at an authentic bodega. You’ll learn about the unique process of making sherry wine and try a sample of the bodega’s finest. What’s more, you’ll marvel at some of the 19th-century art they have on display too!

Sherry tasting, one of 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Sherry tasting in Jerez!

4. Enjoy a Passionate Flamenco Show

You may already be aware that Flamenco originates from Andalusia. With that in mind, it stands to reason that it’s also the best place to see a live show! Lose yourself in the magic of flamenco as your expert guides debunk the myths surrounding art form before sitting down to a breathtakingly passionate show. An unforgettable experience that is just one highlight on our amazing Devour Andalusia Tour.

Flamenco is one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Flamenco is one of Andalusia’s most famous art forms! Photo credit: Fuerte

5. Take in the Ancient Architecture of Cordoba

Cordoba is home to some of Spain’s most ancient architecture. It features incredible tile work and other Moorish influences, some of which are absolutely spectacular! These architectural marvels are a nod to the fascinating, complex history of the region of Andalusia, and you will experience them first hand!

Liking the sound of it already? There are only twelve spaces available on this incredible trip – book now to avoid missing out!

The architecture in Cordoba is one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
The beautiful arches in the Mezquita de Córdoba. Photo credit: John Solaro

6. Bar Hop like a Local in Seville

Knowing how to ‘do’ tapas in Seville is a finely honed skill – one that we can definitely teach you! Hang out with some of our local guides and learn how to bar hop, Andalusian style. You’ll visit some of the city’s traditional, family-run establishments and rub shoulders with real locals. With so many bars in the city and so many tapas available, why not let us direct you to the best spots and ensure you eat only the best bites?

Tapas in Seville is one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Ordering tapas in bars can be tricky, but fear not! We’re here to help! Photo credit: Fred PO

7. Chat with Local Restaurant Owners

While enjoying all the fantastic food that Andalusian restaurants have to offer, you’ll also have the opportunity to chat with the owners! These guys are specialists in their field and really friendly, too! They’ll be happy to field your questions and tell you about their businesses. This unique connection to the true heart of local life is something many tourists miss out on!

Talking to local restaurant owners is one of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Talk to one of many knowledgeable restaurant owners!

8. Wander in the White Villages

The white villages, or pueblos blancos, are a charming feature of the Andalusian countryside. Frequently nestled in the rolling hills, wandering the streets of a white village is a beautiful and authentic experience. The scenery is unforgettable!

White villages are some of the 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
Stunning views! Photo credit: Jean François

9. Soak up the History

Knowing the stories behind the icnoic towns and sites you will visit makes for a unique and more complete experience. From big cities to pueblos blancos, every stop on this tour has a rich history. Our guides can tell you many stories about every spot we visit, so you’ll be full of knowledge about this beautiful part of Spain!

Historic sites are definitely in the top 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalusia!
The Roman Bridge in Cordoba. Photo credit: Alex Berger

10. Learn from the Best

Devour Spain founders James (who you can see here!) and Lauren (who you can read here!) will be heading up this very exciting tour around Andalusia. They are international experts on Spain’s culture, history, and cuisine, and have written extensively on these subjects. You couldn’t be in better hands!

Expert guides - another of the top 10 reasons you can't miss Devour Andalisia!
Expert guides (and Devour Spain founders), James Blick and Lauren Aloise!

Now that we’ve given you a taste of what to expect, why not join us? This tour is an incredibly unique opportunity to experience some of the best places in Andalusia! 

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