10 Awesome Ideas For Christmas Gift From Seville

This blog post was originally posted on December 2, 2015, and was updated on December 13, 2017.

As the holidays draw closer, it’s shopping season! People are hitting the streets looking for that perfect present and we have the perfect Christmas gifts from Seville.

From foodstuffs to flamenco accessories, there is no shortage of Christmas gifts from Seville. Wondering what to stuff your suitcase with for friends and family this year? Here are 10 awesome typical Christmas gift ideas from the Andalusian capital.

Finding that perfect gift for your loved ones at Christmas time can be stressful! Out of ideas? Here's 10 awesome ideas for Christmas gifts from Seville!

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1. Ceramics

With so many buildings in the city decorated with ornate tiles, both inside and out, ceramics are the ultimate souvenir from Seville. The main shopping streets are lined with ceramic stores, but for top quality plates and tiles, head across the Triana Bridge to Ceramica Ruiz (Calle Antillano Campos 12). Famous for its traditional ceramics, here you’ll find a number of amazing Christmas gifts from Seville.

2. Flamenco Dresses & Accessories

Seville has a rich flamenco tradition and you can’t visit the city without seeing a traditional, authentic show. Buying a flamenco dress as a Christmas present is a wonderful way to bring the tradition home. A real dress will set you back at least 200 euros, so if that’s outside your budget, don’t panic! A knock-off gown can cause just as much excitement, and leave more money to splash out on accessories!

flamenco at casa del flamenco in Seville
Take the magic of flamenco home with you with some of the beautiful accessories worn by the performers

3. Handicrafts

Some of the must-see Christmas markets located in the center of the city are filled with stalls selling beautiful, unique handcrafted jewelry, toys and ornaments. If you’re looking for some extra special Christmas gifts from Seville, this is where to start!

4. Wine

Wine makes a wonderful gift for the Holidays and is one of the most common Christmas gifts from Seville. With so many typical Andalusian wines available, why not make it extra special by purchasing one of the region’s specialties. Our personal favorites would have to be sweet orange wine (Vino de Naranja) from Taberna Peregil (Calle Mateos Gago, 20) or head to Flores Gourmet (Calle San Pablo, 24) to buy some Manzanilla sherry. This dry white wine is the perfect way to add a southern Spanish flavor to your festive celebrations.

5. Cured Ham and Cheese

What would Spain be without its famous jamón? There’s no better way to eat ham than pairing it with some incredible manchego cheese and sharing with family and friends. The markets in Seville have some of the best cured products in the country. For travel-friendly vacuum-packed products, head to Corta y Cata, a stall in the market in Plaza de la Encarnación (beneath the city’s iconic Metropol Parasol monument).

Finding that perfect gift for your loved ones at Christmas time can be stressful! Out of ideas? Here's 10 awesome ideas for Christmas gifts from Seville! Corta y Cata is an exceptional market stall selling top quality cured ham and cheese products
Corta y Cata is a market stall selling top quality cured ham and cheese products

6. Craft Beer

With such a strong craft beer movement in the city in recent years, Seville is a great place to get local craft beers to bring home for the Holidays. Bierkraft, located just off Calle Feria, sells a wide variety of distinct beers (along with some delicious tapas!).

Also, check out Gigante Bar (Alameda de Hércules, 17) in the Alameda neighborhood, where they take you through the large catalog of craft beers available, describing their taste and flavor. With such a cozy atmosphere, you’ll be tempted to relax and try a few before you buy!

7. Sweets

Sweets are a huge part of the Christmas tradition in Seville. Every year, families head to the convents to stock up on delicious sweets such as naranjitos (a marzipan type sweet with an orange glaze) or the super traditional polvorones (a crumbly, buttery shortbread) – all made by the nuns!

Other traditional sweets include turrón, a nougat treat typically made of honey, sugar and egg white. Alternatively, try a mantecado, a typical Andalusian shortbread made from the fat of the Iberian pig. These typical festive sweets are the perfect Christmas gifts from Seville, especially if you get to nibble a few yourself!

8. Cooking Class

Do you have a foodie friend back home who’s visiting Seville soon? A cooking class is a perfect gift for foodies and non-foodies alike. Taller Andaluz de Cocina, located in El Mercado de Triana, offer classes specializing in traditional Spanish dishes, along with a tour of the market, explaining all the produce.


9. Olive Oil

The Ancient Greeks referred to olive oil as liquid gold and a bottle of Spain’s favorite food accompaniment is a great Christmas gift. With so many different varieties available, it’s best to head to a specialized market stall or shop to find top quality local produce.

Our recommendation? For one of the most typical Christmas gifts from Seville, head to the food markets for a great selection, especially Mercado de la Feria (Plaza Calderón de la Barca). Alternatively, head to La Tienda Ines Rosales (Plaza de San Francisco, 15), s shop run by local experts who are happy to talk you through each variety of olive oil available.

10. A Food Tour Gift Certificate

Why not give the gift of an authentic experience in a new city this Christmas? A Devour Tours gift certificate is the perfect present for any and all curious travelers on your list. They never expire, are accessible in seconds, and won’t even take up any room in your suitcase. Plus, who wouldn’t love to get the gift of a bespoke European culinary adventure? Get yours today and make the recipient the envy of any holiday party.

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